Do you think the tote i bought for school is cute? ?

My tote bag for school:…

i know its a random question, but my friend (who’s not fashionable!) thinks it’s ridiculous for school. i just wanna see how many people agree with her. =)

i think this tote is really cute!
and you shouldnt care what your friend or anyone else thinks about it because if you like it then use it! who cares what anyone else thinks..your friend could just be jealous that she doesnt have a cute tote like you do! have fun at school!

Its cool! Its so cute!That will crack other when you bring it to school.

I luv it so much especially the pattern of the bag which is so nice and rlly suit our own personality for who luvs it.

I say ignore those who said it ugly,the bag is nice,They just dont have the sense of fashion.Trust me!

ew, that’s ugly.
Try a cute canvas tote from NA they have great book bags I just bought like 4 yesterday!

ok this is comming out in the nicest way possible
it is the most revolting bag i have ever seen in my life. and i have seen some ugly ones
are you sure your friend doesn’t know what she is talking about?

Thats the type of thing “unfashionable” people would wear.

Nah, um its alright, but 4 school???

It’s alright, but it’s just not my style. I like something a bit more simple looking.

i actually think its really cute.
dont worry about what your friend said because you bought it because you liked it not so you can impress her and other people at school.
be yourself and express youself with these type of stuff.
dont care what people think because they probably arent goin to be in your future so dont worry about them.

hope i helped.

I THINK IT’S SOOOOO CUTE! I would TOTALLY bring it to school!

depends on how old you are. it’d be better for middle school

that tote is god awful…. go ahead thumbs down idc

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