Do you think the world is a better or worse place than it was 20 years ago? (Please give reasons.)?

Also, if you don’t mind telling your age that would be helpful, or you could tell what stage of life you were in 20 years ago.

Well, I’m 15, so technically, I wasn’t even thought of 20 years ago. But, I think life was a lot simpler than it is now. Especially now that Bush is stepping down from office (Thank God!). We might have our first female or black president.

Even our education system has been overhauled to a point where I just think about dropping out. I come home every day, tired and disgusted with my life, and wonder why the hell I still wake up at 4am every morning to go to school, which is torture. And, I live in NYC, so it’s really bad. Not that learning is bad, but there’s a point where my work load is huge! Nothing is interesting, and my major hasn’t even been covered yet. Even my mom says, “You might as well be in college already.” And, I totally agree lol. America is competing with other countries, and for what? Are we really getting smarter?? Or are they just piling on unnecessary information into our heads that we will never use in the real world? No wonder I have bad memory.

In terms of technology, we’ve grown so much, but we really didn’t need to. All I see are Sidekicks and Ipods. Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t trade my Ipod for anything, but they are so many different gadgets for every use you can imagine, that they don’t leave anything to be desired. Sometimes, I look at Terminator movies, and I think, “Could that really happen?” The way we are growing, I’d say that anything is possible. It rules every part of our lives, and sometimes I wonder if all these gadgets and computers were taken away, could we continue living?

I am in my early thirties. I think the world is better for the fact that technology allows to communicate with people better (i.e. Internet, cell phones). There are some areas that are worse like having to worry about a killer shooting kids at school. I think the news and media do a lot more focusing on the bad than the good. Some things are the same. I had 13 television channels as a kid, now I have 300, and I still can’t find anything to watch.

Sorry if this isn’t a big help, but it really depends on what aspects you are looking at.

I’m sixteen and though i wasn’t alive i believe that the world was a better place 20 years ago. There was less technology so more people were moving around physically, resulting in a low obesity rate. Life was simpler because technology didn’t effect every aspect of life as it does now, When was the last time you went a day without using any modern technology? For some they haven’t gone a day without it.

Twenty years ago – let us just say that I was in my twenty something stage – and yes the world is a better place now than it was then. The specter of ‘Mutually Assured Destruction'(MAD) was very real. Since the dissolution of the Soviet Union that threat is no longer with us. I have learned to appreciate history and understand its lessons. The Internet has made simple many things that I once had to work hard to accomplish; like research and communication. Today, opportunities to learn are so accessible it is often difficult to choose. That is a most pleasant problem to have.

its definitely gone downhill. so much corruption, fighting, being stupid. as i remember, it was much better 20 years ago.

woah i was kidding….. the world gets better every day, the advancements in science, medicine, economy… ignorance is being lifted every day.

i have a very minimal knowledge of history but im certain that the world drastically improves especially over a span of 20 years. and it only gets better as the improvements Multiply.

The world is growing by leaps and bounds

well i was probly like not even an egg twenty years ago (im thirteen) i think twenty years ago in the eighties the world was deffinitly better. the reason is we had less knowledge. knowledge is power and power is dangerouse when placed in the hands of a terrible leader (bush)

the world couldnt hurt me 20 years ago!!

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