Does anybody else hate….(20 char)?

The song party in the U.S.A. by miley cyrus??? i hate it…i don’t know about you guys but i find her voice annoying sounding…ESPECIALLY in that song.

I don’t like it…
But i do like the Climb!
Anyway, i get what ur saying.

I have never heard that song a day in my life; but if its as bad as you say it is, I wont bother trying to listen for it to come on.
A lot of Miley Cyrus songs sound made up. But its that way with all the Disney Channels stars!!
Sometimes, they get on my nerves because most of them are poor actors/actresses and singer, but their STILL famous, and still getting rich…. EFFORTLESSLY!!
The only person that can sing on DC (disney channel) is Demi Lavato, but rumor has it that she “cuts” herself… IDK.
I dont think that is true because Demi is the best singer on DC, and people just want to bring her down.

Her music isn’t really for anyone outside of Middle School students and High School freshmen and sophomores. I guess they like her. She isn’t necessarily a bad singer; her music just isn’t geared toward an older age group, so it sounds annoying to most people.

Just like Chelsea Handler said on her show. The song is catchy.

Why does everyone feel the need to voice their negitive opinions about Miley Cyrus??

Who cares?! Basically if you don’t like her then ignore her, god. If the only thing your gonna do is complain then give it up. We get it you don’t like her. We get it you think her voice is annoying. I could honestly careless about her. Oh and if you don’t like her, then don’t post a question about her. Common sense

Miley sucks.

well i never heard of that songs since i dont listen to ANY OF HER SONGS XD
snapples dude, i find her voice annoying aswell, my sister lurvs her ugh

yes i hate the song, but i also dont like her!! so lke yeah

You say that like you are the only person to ever not like her music. Get over it now, Everyone else has.

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