Does anyone know what the “Big Game Trivia” answer is and other Radio Trivia for Tuesday November 17th?

Pop Culture – Vancouver
Animals & Nature – Naples
TV Fix Video – Sunday
World News – Houston
Food and Recipes – Cayenne
Travel The World – Bowling
Crazy Daily Video – $2,000

Big game – Kansas City Chiefs
Blockbusters – Randy Newman
Book worm – John Galsworthy
Fun Fall – Killington Hay Festival
Get your game – Xerneas
Healthy – Your Entire Body
Music quiz – The Moody Blues
Sports – Rally
Super heroes – Arthur Curry
The Dish – Bacon
Turkey Day – Felix The Cat
TV – Metalocalypse

Ridder @ AT&T –
FM106.1 Email Blast – Paisley
Scott’s Team – Pittsburg Steelers
Artist – Brett Eldredge
Town – Bristol
Cafe –Dressing
Facebook – Buck

Big Game Trivia: Kansas City Chiefs
Blockbusters: Randy Newman
Book Worm Trivia: John Galsworthy
Buzzworthy Trivia: Meek Mill
Country Livin’: Betty
Country Music Trivia: Heaven
Music Quiz: The Moody Blues
Classic rock challenge: David Lee Roth
Get Your Game On: Xerneas
Fun Fall Trivia: Killington Hay Festival
Healthy Knowledge: Your Entire Body
Sports Trivia: Rally
Music Pop Quiz: Songwriter
Pop Clips: 70s
Super Heroes: Arthur Curry
The Dish Trivia: Bacon
Turkey Day Trivia: Felix The Cat
TV Trivia: Metalocalypse

Music Skills: R. Kelly

5-Year-Old hero Gets Medal: She fell asleep at the wheel
Abandoned Sick Baby Rhino: 2 hours
Competitive Eater Takes on Big Macs: 25
House of Shame: Contractors: $1,800
How to Eat Your Breakfast Like a Champ: $339
How To Get Compensated For A Bad Flight: After an hour
Just Dropped: New Albums: 4
Must See Athletes!: 18,000
Pregnant Woman At Paris Concert Hall: 2 minutes
Starbucks Secret Menu: Mexican Hot Chocolate: 9 out of 10

Animals & Nature Trivia: Naples
Crazy Daily Video Trivia: $2,000
Food and recipes Trivia: Cayenne
Pop Culture Trivia: Vancouver
Travel The World Trivia: Bowling
TV Fix Video Trivia: Sunday
World News Trivia: Houston

Rock Music Trivia – Annie Lennox

ALT987 Los Angeles
City of the Day – Redondo Beach


95.9 The River Aurora Illinois
11:10am=Take Me Home Tonite
08:10pm=Baby Hold On

98.3 WCCQ Crest Hill Illinois
Artist=Darius Rucker

100.7 Q Rock Crest Hill Illinois
Rocker Day-John Cooper

99.5 The River, WRVE, Albany, NY.

06:00 – Houston
09:30 – Jungle Book
10:00 – Boots
4:00 – Bread
7:00 – My Back
Randy’s Facebook Code – Laugh
iHeart Radio Code – Festival

FM106; Team is Pittsburgh Steelers; Town is Bristol; Artist is Brett Eldredge; Facebook is Buck; Café is Dressing.

wrve 99.5
9 am jungle
10 am boots



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