Does time really heal all wounds?

I’m asking this because my dad died 14 years ago, and losing him has never seemed worse than right now. Maybe because I was so young when he died and I don’t remember him at all, but I miss him now more than ever.

So does time really heal all wounds? (In your opinion, of course)


Hello there! 🙂

I know EXACTLY how you feel. When I was ten years old, I lost my father. I’m nearly fourteen. It’ll be four years without him in February. I was close to my dad. I was never close to anyone as much as I was with him. Then he passed away in a car accident. It left me devastated and in despair. I’m constantly told that “Time heals all wounds.” But it’s not just a phrase, but words of wisdom.

I am sure that eventually the time will heal your wound. It’ll just take some time. Within that time you need to remember, you have a father. And he continues to live because of you each and everyday. You’re his child. And you always will be. And you have inherited things from him. Wether you realize this or not — you have.

So what’s there to be sad about? You do remember things. You have photos and videos, you remember what he looks like. You remember what he sounds like.

It’ll be okay. Trust me. 🙂 I know it. Just think on the positive side, and remember someday you’ll see him again. Not sure if you believe in a Heaven or not, but I do. And I know he’s up there, waiting for you. So live your life until the day you do see him again.

God bless.
– Tori

Time does indeed heal all wounds. The sad irony of life is that we all live to die. So everyone needs some sort of driving force. For some thats family, for others its religion, or success, or pursuit of knowledge, etc. As long as you have your driving force in life, it will help you get though anything. It’ll help you put things into perspective and make you realize that we are all simply part of a cycle. Wounds leave a scar and there will always be times when you look at the scar and remember the pain…. but that doesn’t mean that the wound hasn’t healed.

May be Vienegar helps. But applying Honey heals wounds on the skin. For a Heart Wound you need to go for a risky Whiskey.

Yes, if you let it. If you constantly take a knife and open up the wound as it’s healing, it’s not going to heal, right? It’s the same thing emotionally and mentally, it’s not opening up the wound. That’s not saying you won’t remember. And that it’s not going to hurt sometimes, because trust me, it will. But the past is the past. The only thing that’s real is right now.

Allow yourself to miss him, you can do that. But don’t dwell on it. Focus on yourself. It’s like something in our past that we’ve done wrong. If you focus on it, all you’re going to get is regret. Or, we can learn from it, and move on. Appreciate your dad for who he was, and allow yourself to move on mentally.

No, I don’t think it does. As we get further and further away from the event the feelings can be dulled which is why some people say time heals all wounds. Talking about how we’re feeling is how things get better, in my opinion, even sometimes if we’re just talking to ourselves.

I’m so sorry for your loss.

I believe it does.
You can move on and go on with your life, (that’s the healing part), but you of course never forget.

I still feel pain for people that have passed away in my life just 5 years ago. Yes, it’s still “fresh” and just barely happened, but within these five years about 13 people have passed away. I’ve learned to deal with life and move on, be grateful for every day that I’m given, but does it makes it any easier? Not really. Some days it’s worse than others. I still cry, but that’s normal.

I’m sorry about your dad. Do you ever visit him?

Some wounds never heal.
That’s all I can really say.

honestly its yes and no…in time it does hurt less but you can never forget and thus never stop feeling sad…im not sure how much you remember about him but try to focus on those memories and if it would help, go through albums and talk to the people who knew him the most…i hope this helped a little bit.

Yes. I have never had anything overally bad happen to me but whether my troubles have been little or big I look back now and smile because they are simply memories that will last forever!


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