Favorite soft Drink??? Easy 10 pts!?

What’s your favorite soft drink (this includes energy drinks as well)… Closest to mine gets 10 pts….but you gotta be fast in order to get those 10 pts!

i love cherry coke/ pepsi. that’s my fav but idk about yours. i guess….. sprite or 7 up, or others like that

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Coca Cola Classic

Root Beer

Red Vault
Peach Soda

Diet Pepsi.

Peach Tea from Olive Garden
Sweet Tea from Chick-fil-A
Or Arizona Tea from anywhere else!!
I guess I like tea 😛

Orange juice

If they have any, I’ll order mango juice. A rarity in the north of the USA, it is sweet and refreshing and full of vitamins.

Pepsi lime
Vanilla coke

Sprite? yessah

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