Has any user ever asked a question in EVERY category on Y!A. . .?

I plan too !! …. Yesterday I did the travel section, that took 200+ points LOL – but wow, I learnt SO much by everybody’s answers it’s great.

A great way to explore other categories too, I didn’t know existed….

Go on, ASK away …

I believe, if I remember correctly, that it was indeed attempted by an old friend of mine named Christopher C about a year ago, but there were less categories then. He asked “Who is the biggest villain in the world?” and I actually answered several of them just for fun…he was looking for people to answer Bush, but I kept answering Satan…because it’s true…

Fun, huh? I’m glad you had a good time with it!

No, I’ve never asked a question in every category here at Yahoo Answers.

yea it is a nice way for learning stuff. And some times you get a lot of good answers and other times you may get one really bad answer. So when you ask u have a 50 50 chance of good answers. At least that has happened to me a lot before.

Lol. I seen you in the Cincinnati Ohio section!!! I doubt that anyone has done that!! I am saving my points for the yahoo toaster!

WOw thats a first 4 me but thats cool

i live in one of those old country houses with those 3 legged moose deer breed thingys in the backyard called the three legged moose deer breed and one day i saw one outside in the backyard and it hopped on over to my window and said to reach into its pocket and get out the antidote. i put on my gollashes opened the door and got out the antidote. he thanked me and squinted up his eyes and whispered “t-t-t-taste th-the-the friggen RAINBOW WWWWWAAAAHHHHH”

i havent asked a single question yet…and don’t plan on it…cuz when i need to know something someone else has already asked the same thing and had it resolved….

That would be an awesome undertaking… especially for me in mathematics or chemistry… I would get laughed outa town!

brilliant idea..lol..i think some people love their points too much that they rarely ask a question..saving up points to buy a toilet plunger i guess..?

That’s alot of asking. Hope you get alot of answers

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