Have u ever went to another ballpark to watch your team? did you enjoy the experience or did the fans->?

Give you a rough time? I have gone to shea when they faced the Yanks & with the exception of a few giving me dirty looks when i cheer them i never had a problem. Now we will see how the fans at Fenway treat me when i go there later this year. I’m sure it will be a fun experience.

I went to the old Busch Stadium to watch the Red Sox in game 3 the 2004 World Series. The Cardinal fans there were incredibly nice. Fenway Park will always be my favorite baseball park, but I live closer to St. Louis. I go to Busch Stadium to watch the Cards play whenever I can. The fans there are always polite & classy. The fact that they have such great fans is probably a part of why I have a lot of respect for the Cardinals.

Yeah. I had a vacation and went (pretty much on a whim) to Kansas City, where Boston was visiting, April 1991. Unfortunately this was the weekend when Clemens was serving his (totally unjustifiable) suspension served for his antics in the last game of the 1990 ALCS, so no Rocket. But the Sox took two of three, and I got a foul ball (most of the crowd had left after a lengthy rainout).

I enjoyed it a lot, Kauffman (though this was when it was still called Royals) was a lovely park, people were pleasant. Even, to my amazement, ran into a few other Red Sox fans. No hassles (other than that rain delay).

I’ve gone to The Ballpark plenty of times to watch the Red Sox take on the Rangers as well, but since that’s virtually my local yard, that doesn’t really count.

OH going to Fenway as a Yankee fan is NOTHING like going to Shea. It’s a great experience and depending on who’s winning will be how they will react to your Yankee hat or jersey. If the Yanks are winning – watch out.

Fans are fans in all ball parks- we went to see the Mets in Philley to see the new stadium and there was nothing. But the worst are Yankees to the Boston fans and Fenway to the Yankee fans..
Though I must say this in all fairness, it’s not ALL fans in either stadium, and alcohol is usually involved in the worst of any of the fans in any stadium.

We’re going to Camdem Yards this summer so we shall see how that plays out.

I went to Kansas City in 1997 to watch the Cardinals and Royals. I think there were just as many Cardinal fans as Royals fans. Everyone treated us very nice. It was billed as a replay of the I70 series and between innings they had highlights of the 85 series on the video board starting with the infamous Don Denkinger call in game 6. It got the loudest ovation as well as the most boos. Senator Bond was at the game and said he didn’t care who won. He couldn’t pick a team without turning half the state against him. He did say he wanted to see McGwire hit a home run. He did in the next half inning.

Seattle my team is the A’s and they’re pretty good group of fans they are respectful. I’ve also gone around July 4th a few years back Red Sox vs Yankees at Yankee Stadium that was fun the Red Sox fans screamed yankees suck and the Yankees fans screamed 1918. This is before the Red Sox won the world series.

I didn’t nessecarily go another park but I remember a couple of Red Sox fans came to watch a game in Toronto. There were these 2 Red Sox fans ( A guy and his girlfriend) behind me and my friends heckling. I remember Kevin Youkilis hitting a go ahead run in the 6 or 7th inning off Ted Lilly. The Red Sox behind me sang “Red Sox are winning!” The Blue Jays fans beside me loudly whispered “Girlfriend is ugly!” it was funny how competitive fans can get. It was too bad the Blue Jays lost. It was a great experience.

Yes. I am a cardinals’ fan and I have gone to several of their cubs’ games at Wrigley Field. I have had a blast everytime (even when the cards lost). I go with a good friend who is a cubs’ fan. He wears a cubs’ cap and I wear a cards’ cap or something to indicate I am a cards’ fan. Some of the cubs’ fans will joke with me sometimes, but it is fun. My friend enjoys going to Busch Stadium too! He is always treated great. I have never been to watch the cardinals play at another ballpark, but I hope I would have just as much fun!

I’ve seen the Sox play the Orioles at Camden Yards many times. I think there were more Red Sox fans there than O’s fans, but I never had any trouble. I have also seen the Sox play in Detroit and their fans were really cool and didn’t rub it in when they beat us. I’ve seen the Sox play in Yankee stadium a few times and I always wear my Red Sox stuff. I have never had a problem other than some good natured ribbing. I’ve even been to the bleachers at the Stadium and have received the YMCA treatment, but it was all in fun.

I think that most fans understand that people travel to watch another team, and cheer for them.

I have seen the Cubs play numerous times at Miller Park (Milwaukee), and I have never been treated poorly for cheering for my team. Of course, Milwaukee is not far from Chicago, so a lot of Cubs fans travel to watch them play.

My husband and I also went to Miller Park to watch the Brewers play the Twins the year that the White Sox and Twins were battling it out for first place. My husband is a loyal White Sox fan (I know – interesting marriage. . .), and he went that day wearing his White Sox cap. He actually had numerous Twins fans speak to him and were very nice.

I think that only the true “ugly” sports fans make it difficult for opposing teams’ fans to cheer their teams on. Those “fans”, the sports can do without.

I watched the Cleveland Indians play the Cincinnati Reds at Great American Ball Park in 2006. The fans pretty much didn’t care too much about who was playing. I missed Hafner’s grand slam while I was getting food. Darn! Overall, I enjoyed the experience especially since my tribe beat the redlegs in a slugfest.

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