How do I reduce my exhaust noise?

I have a 3” Exhaust System. I’m getting a better muffler put in soon, but I need a quick fix for getting my noise down (stringent noise laws where I live and my new muffler is backordered).

So — anybody who can give me a few quick, relatively cheap, and easy ways to reduce the exhaust noise…

The only real way to cut back exhaust noise is different mufflers. There is nothing you can do for a quick fix. As far as the cabin noise is concerned, Check out Dynomat. It is primarily used for cars with sub woofers and sound systems but does work really well to make the cabin way more quiet and takes away allot of the road noise and vibrations you get from driving.

Silencer is the device that is used to reduce exhaust moise.


Get a three inch to three and a half inch potatoe and stick it right up the 3″ exhaust system. This will quieten the exhaust note down for about 20 seconds.

A shoprag stuffed with cotton balls and a rubber band to hold it in the ball shapeand put it in there but don’t stuff it in just put in in with some room for the exaust to get out.

Put a new caddilac converter on it trust me it will work.

Wait for your parts…you may have to walk for a while..

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