How do I stop my dog from getting in the trash in the house?

Whenever we go out he gets in the trash in the kitchen

Put the trash someplace he can’t get it (i.e., in a room with a closed door, in a cupboard, etc.).

Get a locking trash can or put the trash inside a cupboard, or block the dog off from the kitchen with a baby gate when you leave.

This is a really easy fix.
Put the trash where the dog can’t get to it – like the garage.
Remove the trash every time before you leave or put it in a cupboard where he cannot open the door.
This is called ‘dog proofing’ your house.

Crate training. It’s humane, simple, and keeps the dog calm and most importantly, safe. First: Go to your favorite pet store, and buy and appropriate sized crate. It needs to be large enough for him to stand up, lay down fully, and turn around in. It needs to be small enough that it will only fit him and his water bowl (or hanging water bottle). Second: Make the crate comfy buy putting his bed inside or a few towels that you can live without. Sometimes having a blanket to cover up the crate will help the dog feel more at home by creating a den-like feeling. Keep one or two safe toys inside. Third: Start training. Place him inside the crate, close the door, and then immediately open the door and let him out, giving him plenty of attention and “good boy”s. Wait 5-10 minutes, and then place him inside again, close th door, and wait 30 seconds to a minute. IF he keeps silent, let him out. If he barks, whines or anything like that, do NOT let him out. Keep him inside until he is silent for at least a minute or two, even if it takes 2 hours. This teaches him that barking and whining will not give him what he wants. If you let him out for barking, he will learn that barking will get you to do what he wants. Keep increasing the time up until an hour or so. About one hour for every month up to 5 or 6 hours. Check with your vet about keeping him inside a crate longer than a few hours. Eventually you’ll be able to keep him in the crate while you are away, and it’ll keep him safe, and your stuff safe. Contact your vet or pet store for more information, either will have access to DVDs or booklets to help you train your dog.

Simple – move the trash from the dog, or the dog from the trash!!! Get a can with a lid that’s difficult to open. But when you have a dog, it’s always necessary to ‘dog-proof’ your home.

Buy a trashcan that has a lid that he can’t open OR close off the kitchen or put the trash on the counter.
I’ve trained my dogs not to touch it.. but if it can be irresistable sometimes… so the solution is care for the trash.

Put weights in the bottom of the trash barrel(before inserting your trash bag). Use proper weights depending on the size and strength of your dog. Your dog should no longer be able to tip over your trash can.

Keep the trash in a smaller container in the cabinet under the sink, take it out often. And if your dog knows how to open cabinet doors get one of these baby locks for that cabinet (or something like it):…

If you have a large trash that he or she knocks down try putting a weight in the bottom so the dog cant tip it over.

a good covered can is a great idea and with my dogs i have the can in a cubboard and i attached a hook lock on the outside so they can’t get into it.

Dogs are opportunists……so empty or remove the opportunity 100% results….a dogs behaviour changed by you changing your behaviour

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