How do you deal with a foul smelling co-worker?

He works in a different department and his boss is pretty unapproachable about something like this. Its pretty bad people almost vomit when they walk bye his cube. How do we tell him he stinks without causing causing a bigger issue?

Get a box together with toiletries, deodorant, soap and cologne then leave it on his desk anonymously that has a card attached saying, “Sorry to hurt your feelings, but you really need to use some of this stuff.” Drop it on his desk when no one is watching.

He’ll get the point.

I think that if there is a way to anonymously inform him, that would be best. If not, then you have the right to a reasonably comfortable working environment. Unless the boss’ nose isn’t working, he smells him too. You may have to collectively bite the bullet and approach him about this matter. I wouldn’t do it alone. I would do it in a group. Good luck!

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Two or 3 of these put in the cubicles near his might give him a hint especially if you install one in his cubicle

I went to school with a girl like that; the smell was so bad you got an instant gag reflex. We got to school early one day and left soap and deodorant and shampoo on her desk (in a bag). At some point you have to take action in sheer self defense.

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Anonymous letter sent to him. Had to do the same thing once. We didnt want to embarrass her, but something had to be done. Just be careful how you word the letter. Good luck.

I was too chicken to say anything and was lucky the person finally quit! Good Luck!

He simply needs to be told that he has unusual body odor and it is disrupting to the other employees, if all else fails and you do not want to tell him/her, go to human resources… God bless****

sit an Airwick on his desk or a lit candle and if he asks where it came from say “there’s a foul odor coming from your area.”

Leave him a gift basket with deodorant, shampoo and soap in it.

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