How does restricting legal immigration stop illegal immigration?

I have heard people’s suggestions on how to fix illegal immigration and most of these suggestions seem to be centered around restricting legal immigration. People ask for the 14th amendment to be abolished or severely altered, want to stop or severely restrict the number of visas handed out. I really do not…

I don’t think they will either. What needs to be done is the laws need to be applied. That means that illegal aliens that are in jail need to be sent home. That means that illegals aliens that are waiting on the corner in the morning need to be sent home. That means that employers that give jobs to illegals need to be fined. That means that we need to have the government securing our borders rather then volunteer minutemen who are going to get into trouble for trying to make people abide by the immigration laws of this country.

Our immigration system MUST be completely over-hauled. It is ridiculous to accept an application and ask someone to wait 10 years for an answer.

Having an improved legal immigration system will at least remove some of the excuses for (allowing) illegals. We must protect our border(s) and enforce our laws, but we also need to have a reasonable and reasoned system for immigration in place.

This isn’t the answer that you want but, yes it does. More than 70% of the small companies that hire illegals are owned by amnesty granted immigrants. If the families of illegals would not give these illegals help they would not be so easily moved through the welfare system. Let’s face it, if we had less of these folks in the US there would be less attraction for the illegals.

I have not heard that suggestion. I have heard that we should reform legal immigrations to improve the process and handle requests better.

As for illegal immigrations, right now I would be happy for a nation that follows it’s own laws.

We must have different sources because I don’t herae any of this. In fact I think that 1 part of the answer to illegal immigration is more legal immigration.

Pretty slim. However, America has seriously”dumbed down” in the last 20 years. One need only look at the fact that Dem/Liberals voted in a Marxist Community Organizer as President. How sad for this country. This may signal the beginning of a prolonged decline.

We already allow over 2 million LEGAL immigrants to move here every year. That’s fine.

As for the illegal immigrants, they are criminals who should be imprisoned, which is what Mexico does to their illegal aliens.

I think you are getting erroneous information.

Any reductions in visa or green card awards is neglible, if any at all.

I think my ideas on the subject of illegals is pretty much general among anti-illegals – with no clamor for a reduction in allowable entrants.

I agree. we need to follow our present laws as it is. well this is a site for a march AGAINST illegal immigration.. This march is to demand that immigrants follow our constitution and laws which require you to learn English and respect OUR flag and enter our country legally. The hard working Americans are teed off that Mexicans get their way by grouping together and demanding rights. Its time for us to take a day off and demanding OUR rights. Read the link. the march will be june 14-16 and will be nation wide. Hope to see all my American friends join me there.

Abolishing the fourteenth amendment won’t necessarily, but it’s a good idea. Cause it’s ridiculous that anyone born in America is automatically a citizen. Anyone can come in and have a child and whatnot.

But you’re right, it doesn’t stop it. What we need is some politicians with spines.

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