How Have Cell Phones Helped Society?

How have cell phones helped today’s society and the business world?


Well the obvious answer would be global communications and connectivity. Especially within the last two years, cell phones are now being doubled with PDAs, rendering the old PDAs obselete. Not only can you talk and stay connected with friends, relatives, and business associates, but you can conduct business related activities on the go (i.e. email, documents, meetings, even conference calls).

With the inclusion of multi-media such as cameras, video, pictures it makes it much more simple to capture such things, transmit them to the internet or another phone user making multi-media very simple.

Also another obvious thing would be safety and law enforcement. Combining better signal strengths with things like information storing and cameras allow for better prepared first responders and law enforcement agencies to conduct their business more efficiently.

You basically could write an entire essay on this topic and make it as thick as the phone book, but those are a few examples which jumped out to my mind.

Cell phone’s have helped society by communicating with each other all around the world.

They allow people to communicate in places they formerly couldn’t. A downside to this is when people don’t consider others: at the movies, in a restaurant, on a train ride; or inattention to driving and causing an accident.
They can allow access to the internet whilst on the go.
They can help in emergency situations.
They can send photos.

Depends on how you look at it.. some may see it as more of a burden. But you have all the information you need (or be able to get someone on the phone who can get that information) at your fingertips which can be quite useful. So, you can be on the move while still getting other things done.

It has helped improve the species…

More idiots are removing themselves from the genepool by using them when driving every year.

The downside is that they tend to take up to a dozen people with them when they go.

By transporting information to other places that wouldnt have gotten it otherwise, and they help in case of an emergency and let you keep in contact with your friends and family no matter where you are.

They help ppl keep in touch and in business, make fast interactions/transactions.

Communication at any time any place. Text ability and photo share.

they’ve made people more mobile and that in turn gave people more freedom and a faster way to communicate with each other

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