How to translate English to Spanish?

Is there a web sight that translate English to Spanish by typing in words for free or can i get one some were.

I’m gonna go ahead and say babelfish

Any online translator will not produce an accurate and correct translation. You might as well just ask here—Spanish is a language whose translations are always answered quickly here.

That site offers free Spanish dictionaries.

Babel fish is great but it can be incorrect at times but it’s better than wasting $15 dollars to find one word in Spanish. Just be warned that it isn’t always correct.

Try this website:

(Note: The online translators are *not* always correct; often they give you inaccurate/silly translations. Try different translators. Have fun trying!)

just search language translator in google and it will come up with a bunch of sites.. i do that all the time


here’s a list of the websites:…


google: babel fish translations

The magic of google.

~Cikeeee <3

Good luck =P

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