I think I got bed bug bites, what should I do with my clothes?!?

I stayed at a family members house about two nights ago and in the morning noticed bites on my legs and at first I thought they were mosquito bites…but 2 days later they didn’t go away they just turned darker red (but they aren’t itchy anymore). So if they are bed bugs I’m worried that the clothing I…

Wash the clothing when you get home. Do not put any clothing on any carpeted surface when you get home nor your bed. Since these are just on your legs, if they have pets, this could be flea bites and applying some hydrocortisone cream to them regularly should make them go away. In that case, no excessive cleaning would be required of your belongings. You can go to WebMd.com and type in bedbugs and read up on how to clean your belongings if you truly believe these are bedbug bites. But, if they are, you should have had bites in other areas also. Fleas like legs/ankles.

It’s always best to be cautious when dealing with bed bugs.

The best thing to do is to buy Ziploc big bags. They are double zipper and are bed bug proof. Take all clothes and carry in the Ziploc to the washing machine. Wash on hot water setting followed by 20 to 30 minutes in the dryer. DO NOT bring them into your home unless they are sealed in a Ziploc or plastic container with a snap lid – to avoid dropping any bed bugs on the way to the washer.

Your suitcase may also become infested. For that, inspect it carefully. If you have a hand steamer, go over each seam with the steamer. The heat will kill bed bugs and bed bug eggs.

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