I want to come out soo bad but i am sooo scared?

I am 16male and gay, i want to come out of the closet but I don’t think i could do it,i have a feeling my parents would be supportive i just dont think i could tell me i was gay (example my older brothers friends) some of my friends.
I am very involved in school, president of my grade, president of 2 clubs, in…

I am sorry that you don’t think your friends would be supportive that must be a hard situation. if you want to talk I am open. you can email me anytime. you can’t believe what it is like to not be accepted by your parents. you are really lucky if you think they will accept you. many times they don’t. I used to like this guy. he always acted gay, but he told EVERYONE he was straight. his myspace, his friends that would ask him… etc… I imagine that all of the school thought he was gay. but he still even now says that he is straight. even to me. he tried to become the public relations director of our school student government and he lost to some girl I don’t even know. it was really sad. I think that it is one of his fears that people won’t accept him. because it is one of those schools…
I always liked him. and I never told him I did because he said he was straight. I eventually moved on. but not until later on in the year when I was casted as the lead in our musical. he hadn’t really talked to me that much, but he started to towards the end of the play. I wish he would’ve warmed up to me and liked me too, but I moved away like the tuesday after our play was over. he never had a girlfriend. ever. and he seriously is too hot not to be gay. etc…

my point is, if you are gay don’t hold out because something that big is hard to hide and the people who judge you for being gay will think you are gay even if you tell them you are straight…

and also… if you hide from people, people will hide from you.

the time will come when you will want to come out. wait until then. and until then don’t act gay towards anyone. because people have eyes, especially the ones that judge…

I was in a very similiar situation at school. I wasn’t the MOST popular guy but i got on well with pretty much everyone and those who i didn’t I didn’t really care about.
The first person I told was when I was 16 was a really close friend who I knew would be supportive or at least not let it affect our friendship. I actually never fully came out till I left high school because it is such a false atmosphere compared to what life is like when you leave.
Your 16 at the moment, its a tough age for anyone and you need to tell someone. My advice is tell a friend you know you can trust before it bursts out uncontrollably (believe me its much easier to bear when someone else knows) or if you really don’t think there is a friend then your family sound supportive.
I think you feel the need to come out to everyone because you’ve been led to believe that a gay persons identity is just that.. a gay person. This of course isn’t true and not everyone needs to know who you sleep with. You sound like a popular well-accomplished person and thats who you are..you just happen to be gay as well.
Even after high-school, though more of your friends will know your gay, its not something you have to broadcast and make it the first thing you say to anyone you meet.
As for the wife and kids thing, that may just be a stereotype you’ve had told to you as a child and so you assume its what you want. You now know you don’t want a wife and if you still want kids when your older, well i think gay adoption is going to be much more viable and accepted in the years to come.
Sorry my answers tend last a while.

Being comfortable with who you are and telling others who you are is a tough think to do. Just be yourself because you’ll find out what others think of you doesn’t really make a difference. Also they have no control over your status in these clubs and have no right to ever kick you out. I get what you mean I dreamed I have a wife and chlidren too. That’s was my reality either and I knew that was just some imagination. It takes time and you just need to go at your own pace.

Honestly..they probably already know you are gay. You tell them and they say..it’s about time! LOL. Seriously! I’d do it sooner rather than later! The best thing to do is wait till your 18 and off to college. But, since you’re only 16, I’d go ahead and tell them. Just say..Mom..Dad..I’m gay. Nothing else, can’t make up and excuse. Good Luck! Now go! Right now! Don’t be scared! It’ll all pass in a few months at the most.

I know that feeling! Perhaps if you could just stay inside the closet until after high school? Yea.. i know that sucks.. but it is your choice. I came out when I was 16.. everything went well I made some new (better) friends and lost the fake ones. But really it just depends on your environment and most of all how you feel.

Also, maybe just come out to a friend? Just telling one friend you trust will feel great! I told 2 and then later came out, thanks to their support.

high school isnt an ideal place for coming out. and if you fear that some of the people in your life won’t be supportive then, maybe you want to think this through further before acting on any sudden ideas. if you have a open-minded friend who you feel you can confide in, tell them. maybe that will help you feel better to know that you have someone who knows. but if you don’t [like me, i don’t] then just think it through before hand.

good luck

Just tell the ones you figure won’t hassle you about it. You don’t need to tell the entire student body. Really, it’s nobody’s business besides yours and those you love. If you feel a real pressure to come out to someone, choose someone who will support you, not try to change you. Good luck.

Its easy to have kids by surrogacy. We are having a daughter in August. We have been together for 16 years (we are gay males).

Be yourself inside honey, come out when you are ready otherwise, I’ve linked a video you should watch below.

You are WONDERFUL just as you are. *hug*

kind thoughts,


Well, you could avoid all the drama and just wait until you are out of high school.

It’s not an emergency that needs to be dealt with this second.

life is too short . you may not have tomorrow to tell anyone who you truly are.. you need to be yourself.. it’s best you come out now and face the truth, who really loves you for who you are.. any one from family to friends. you will lose some and gain some. but the best thing will be that you at least were true to yourself.. don’t spend your life unhappy no matter your age coming out helps us complete who we are. good luck be true to yourself .because mean while everyone else is living their life around you. while you avoid telling them something they may not want to her.. live your life now good luck my heart goes out to you.

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