If conservatives don’t want the state involved in education, why do liberal assume we are against education?

‚ÄúSocialism, like the ancient ideas from which it springs, confuses the distinction between government and society. As a result of this, every time we object to a thing being done by government, the socialists conclude that we object to its being done at all. We disapprove of state education. Then the socialists say…

Actually, as a conservative leaning voter I have no problem with “state” education, just the federal involvement in it. The constitution specifically defines what rights and authority the federal government has and relinquishes all other issues to the individual states to regulate, enforce or provide. The Texas Department of Education is fine, The United States Department of Education is not. As for my problems with state education, in most states the education system has evolved into a monster that you can’t regulate, limit or control. You can not fire a teacher who is a bad teacher and the vast organizations are not sustainable. When you have a school district with 45,000 students and 7,000 employees means that you have one employee for every 6-7 students. Teachers want a “livable wage” but they only want to work 177 days for that livable wage while the rest of the country works 235-245 days for their salaries. In my county we have NINE school districts, each with their own infrastructure and support staffing including the “Superintendent”, who in the larger districts is paid over $250,000 a year in a community where the mean household income is less than $38,000 per year. We have also had several “white collar” crimes cases by school board members, who are supposed to be non-paid community members that keep the system honest … so much for that theory.

Why do you want all the poor people to be religiously indoctrinated bro? Because that’s what would happen – the churches would rush in to fill the void left by the absence of public schools – but to go to a religious school, you have to sign over your critical thinking ability dude.

But on the other hand

Public schools are only producing high school graduates with a reading comprehension of a 6th grader – so maybe the religiously indoctrinated can find their critical thinking later in life.

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