If Obama pushed GM into manufacturing a product no one wants, who is to blame?

You cannot blame conservatives like some people are trying to do. GM built a car that no one wants and the Obama administration prodded them to do so as part of the bailout. So what is to blame? market forces, GM engineers, the cost to manufacture this vehicle was too expensive, marketing, the public not ready…

It is all Democrat marketing to support Auto Unions to buy votes with taxpayer money. Taxpayer money to bail them out and taxpayer money in ridiculous subsidies to try and get people to buy electric cars that in no way will stand on their own merits. Liberal stupidity – again!

It’s a poor product, introduced to a soft market.

After the initial 35 miles of battery life is used up, the car averages 35 mpg. And at $45k, what’s my incentive to invest in this car? GM had to shortcut the R&D process and push it to market before anyone was ready for it. And our imperial federal government dangling the bailout money like a carrot on a stick, is why they shortcut the R&D.

I still think GM would have come out ahead if they had filed bankruptcy, without the govt handout.

It takes a lot longer to develop, engineer and test a car espcially one with all new technology then the three years that Obama’s been in office. Try again.

BTW, they are going to revamp the line for the new model. They wouldn’t be doing that if it wasn’t selling.

Work on the GM electric car began in late 2006. So it was not something Obama or anyone else ‘pushed’ them into.

A replacement battery costs $16,000, much more than a used car is worth. etc.,etc.
Blame environmentalist extremists like Obama.

Well you can’t win them all, Obama still did the right thing bailing out the auto industry and that’s what counts

The GOP for being deaf, dumb and blind.

Compare to the Wright Brothers – who wanted that silly contraption?

you are, for trying to insinuate that Obama is the one who created the Volt.

However, it’s a cool looking car and yes it is too expensive but all prototypes are.
Not everyone has a gas chugging Porche either, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a cool car.

GM sold 209306 vehicles last month. This is not a product that no one wants.

The Volt has been in the works long before Obama came on the scene . Get real .

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