Is it true that more americans have died in car crashes than in the iraq war? since it started?

If so, isn’t that a very small price to pay to bring an entire country hope for the future?

More teens have died in car crashes than in this war. The sacrifice of those people in car crashes helps make a better car. But the car crashes in Zimbabwe have no effect on the cars designed in the U.S. They have their freedom and independence, they have their military in place, why should we sit there and attract attention to that country through the sacrifice of our own men? If we left, don’t you think they would have less bombing there. The attacks are more aimed at American soldiers and policy makers. And against those that associate with us. Even if they are Iraqis.

Thank you, you have brought up a VERY important point imho. I have struggled with the automobile statistics ever since I learned that more Americans died in car accidents than all the American military deaths caused by war involvements, since America was founded. There is a difference! Death by natural causes, or shall I say “acts of god”, are or should be put into a different category. How many worldwide simply die of old age, in that time period? Here’s the point, and I know a lot of you war hawks out there won’t like it. FREE CHOICE! In an accidental death the drivers only are usually responsible, sometimes one sometimes more than one driver {multi-car accident}. In a war the participants on both sides are expected///ordered to kill for POLITICAL reasons! O.K. lets look at this. If my mother or father told me to go over and kill the guy down the street, because their afraid he might be a terrorist, or for any other reason,,,,,,,,most people would leave home before they would carry out a deliberate act of murder. But lets say my parents could train our dog that killing strangers, or the guy down the street, was O.K. I ask you isn’t that also considered murder? If we’re ever going to have “Peace on Earth” Please Think About This!

More Americans die in 1.2 months of car crashes than the entire Iraq war. 40,000 a year die on American roads- one of the deadliest places in the world.

The injured rate far exceeds 12 times that number in addition.

And yes, it is a small price to pay- when you compair other generation’s prices, 400,000 dead- 1.3 million wounded in the same number of years
for the most costly price thus far.

3 times more Americans died on 9/11 than the US home front suffered in all of WW2.


You can’t just take 1 year from car crashes, and the whole war- you have to multiply your car crash statistic times 5 to give a fair statistic.

As well, you can not count those under the age of 15-16 (27.6%)

It is true – but consider there are something like 300 million Americans in America, but only 3 million of them in the full time and part time military, and a far smaller number in Iraq at any given time.

Each individual serviceman represents a massive investment by the government – covering the cost of pay, training, benefits and equipment – especially in a peace time military.

They’re not there to bring hope to the future – they were sent over poor intelligence and target favoritism – a mistake, for short. They’re currently busy trying to prevent this big mistake from being another stainy loss on an otherwise good military history.

More Americans have died in car crashes then have died in Iraq. As for the second question, I am unable to put a value on human life in such a way.

Although the Iraq war has killed nearly four thousand USA people so far, it is true that roads kill many more each year (42,636 in 2004). In fact more people are killed by guns in the USA (28874 in 1999).

I don’t quite see where the hope for the future comes?

Approxiatemately 40,000 deaths in the US due to car crashes. War started in 2003, so 4 times 40,000 would give us 160,000 deaths. Iraq war has claimed 3,996 deaths.

Yes it needs to be kept in perspective.

Yearly dead in USA from car crash – average 38,000
5 years of Iraq war 4000 dead, 54,000 wounded and crippled, 128,000 mentally ill.

On the other hand – the wars (there are three Kosovo, Afghanistan, Iraq) are complete senseless, have no objective, have brought the economy into ruin, has increased terror by 400% and has cost us the good will of our allies.

yes its also true that more people died on 9/11 than have in iraq……and its also true that the US military has had more stateside casualties (training accidents, off duty car accidents etc) than they have had in iraq. so basically as a member of our armed forces you have a better chance of surviving in iraq than you do driving to work every day.

I’m gonna also bet more people have died in car crashes than have died from cancer


well it’s not that bad!

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