Is Obama Jimmy Carter part 2 ?

the real fear is that obama will be much worse than Carter.

No… not completely. Not the awful parts at least. I would think Hillary is more Jimmy Carter-ish. I mean, I’m a woman too, so I would love to see a woman president, but I wouldn’t want it to be her. She doesn’t seem that trust-worthy to me.
I think Barack has some JFK mixed in, though.

Magic 8 Ball says: Definitely

I would definitely take a Jimmy Carter part 2 over a George Bush part 2! Bush is the worst president ever and McCain is following his policies.

Obama! Freak accident? No, no, no – that is all component of the plaaaaaaaaaaannnn! the hot Left Democratic celebration plan to coach usa right into a big welfare united states. Barak Obama replaced into elected easy and sq. by way of each and all of the misbegotten white liberals and black racists accessible! So it replaced into no freak accident, regardless of if it actual sounds like one.

Abongo Roy Obama is more of a liability than Billy Carter.

Jaws 2 wasn’t a very good sequel.

Yes. They both have economical and failed politics that they both share.

It would be a bad idea voting for Jimmy’s second term.

McCain may not exactly be change, but he sure is someone we can trust. Obama is a change we CANNOT trust!!

The question is….would we want to put Jimmy Carter down that much?

Obama is going to be worst. He’s probably going to let his wife make all the decision for him…and we are not going to war anymore…we are going to WWIII.

No. He reminds me more of Adlai Stevevson. In fact this election is very much like the ’52 election. The outgoing president has approval ratings under 30% and is viewed as a failure, there’s a controversial war with dubious reasons for involvement, and it’s an intellectual from Illinois v. a war hero.

I sure HOPE so!!!!!

Carter is a Nobel Peace prize winner!!!!!

Something Bush won’t have to worry about ever dressing up for to receive HIS award.

But he should get his finest COURTROOM suit ready…….

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