Leg Spin Bowling- the most beautiful skill to watch in Test Match Cricket?

After watching Mishra bowling well in the India/England Test, if you could turn back the clock, wouldn’t you love to see Shane back at his prime?

I think Beefy ( at his best) could have given him a run for his money!

Leg Spin Bowling is the highest of the arts in cricket and leggies by nature are the quirkiest of its characters. I thank Warney for reviving this art form which prior to him was dying. The most beautiful action was Abdul Qadir (see YouTube) in the 80’s who looked like a ballet dancer with his twirly-wristy action, just beautiful.

Arthur Mailey a leggie of the 20’s in his book “10 for 66” once told his captain Warwick Armstrong to sod off when he and his English counterpart were disgussing legspin. Armstong was worried that Mailey was giving away his secrets. Mailey agreed that he was, but legspin was an art, and art is international.

Yes, I would love to see Warney in his prime again, but I’m priviledged to have watched him first time round, and that’s good enough for me as now there are lots of young uns coming through who want to turn the ball from leg to the off, and I thought that day would never happen.

Test cricket at it’s most utterly glorious is a spinner battling with a batter.The overs go fast and an edge can be followed by a six.
Muli once said that the greatest bowler ever is Warnie,as wrist spin is very difficult to control the ball compared to his finger spin.
Best spin performance l have seen is Muli at the oval getting 9 wickets in one innings on a flattish pitch.Unlike Warne he is a decent guy.Freddy said he was the nicest person he has met (they played together at Lancashire)

Well of course but the same could be said of many players.
There has never been a better cricketer than Shane Warne. That doesn’t mean there weren’t others equally as good but there were none better. He would be a star in any “best of all time” side picked.

i’d love to see shane bowl in test matches again.i modelled my action on him and have a good time bowling,i have most variations but depend on the day some times i’d bol better lines in under 15’s that second team HA.anyway shane is the best

i ball both leg and off but i take wickets more of off
i.e murli is well above warne in wickets
756 490 in test and odi ‘s for murli whereas for warne it is 708 293

so off spin is a better form of bowling (personally)
as most batsmen are righties off goes into the batsmen whereas leg leaves the batsmen
so bowled wickets are more for offies when bowling to righties

yeah warney was good but he was a sledger and alot of his wickets came from pissing off the bats man so they try to hit him out of the park an get out i would like to see how many wickets he got when he wasnt trying to get in the batsmans head i no your ment to play all the mind games but i think cricket should be a fair game were there is no sleging


personally i have always liked to see someone like david gower stand in the middle and pick the bowlers apart like only a few players have ever been able to with style and grace

for me Left arm spin look very good

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