Mazda Miata? 100k miles?

I was looking for cars, and saw this Mazda Miata, and immediately LOVED it! Have been looking at them, BUT I don’t have much knowledge about cars!
Our price range is $0-4,000 (u.s) and the Miata’s that are in that price range have over 100k miles…
From what I know about cars that is a BAD thing!
BUT my sisi…

here’s what, your sister’s car is far worse than the miata. if you’re only keeping it for a year, then the miata will probably do just fine. if you wanna keep it longer than a year, then you might encounter some problems… then again, it’s still a mazda so it probably won’t be too expensive to maintain.

and tell your sister to send her car to pimp my ride or something.

if you only looking for car would at least a year than go head…
miata is a reliable car anyway~
or just buy a civic or corolla would last way longer.

Go get the miata. If you can find one for 4000.00, even w/ 100K on it, run out and get it. It’s a japanese product and could last you for 200,000 miles if taken care of.

From your friendly Toyota Salesperson 🙂

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