My dog keeps running away?

My dog runs away any time she has a chance. We could take her for an hour long walk come back home and she would still run away. When she runs away, she always comes back, but we just moved to a not so nice neighborhood, so we get scared she might get hurt. She knows the command come but whenever we say when she’s…

I can only tell you from personal experience, that it must be a dog thing. I have had different dogs for as long as I can remember and they have always like to do the same thing. My yard is large and fenced. Dogs are so much like kids. Have you ever been out and watched a child hand in hand with a parent and they are always trying to get away. The best thing I can say is, when your dog returns do not hit or spank him. Maybe in a stern voice tell him how you feel. Tell him like you would your child, that you love him so much and glad to see that he is ok and give him a great big hug. If you hit or spank him, he will remember this over everything else. I finally had to put a lock on my fence because I had a big dog named Rusty, that could lift the latch and let everyone out. What fun they had. Try and put yourself in their place. Like the old saying goes the grass is always greener on the other side. Dogs are way too much like we are. Just remember that. Of course, just like people some are smarter than others. How we love them anyway.

Blame the owner/trainer, not the dog.

You need to train your dog. Just because she knows the command come doesn’t mean she’s trained.

You either need to enroll the dog and yourself in an obedience class and attend every class. A dog that completes a basic obedience class should be able to earn a CD (companion dog) title.
If dog doesn’t come when called it clearly is NOT trained and does NOT understand the come command.

Keep the dog secured inside, on a leash, in a fenced yard when not going out for a walk.
And put some more effort into the dogs training.

You need to prevent her from having the opportunity to get out. Have you taken her to a basic obedience class? If not, I suggest you enroll her in one. You can work on her basic obedience skills which will give you more control over her in situations when she could get away. A reliable down/stay is priceless, as is a reliable recall.

Put up baby gates throughout your home to block off access to rooms with doors that lead outside to an unfenced area.

Whenever you take her for walks, have her wait inside the door while you step outside and don’t let her follow until you explicitly give her permission to do so. This will teach her to wait patiently at the door, rather than rushing out ahead before someone can catch her.


Boredom, isolation, and sexual roaming are most often the motives in dogs’ attempts to escape or run away. Not surprisingly, spayed or neutered dogs who receive plenty of exercise and lots of attention from their owners are the least likely to become four-legged escape artists. A happy dog who feels like part of the family will genuinely want to stick around.

Check out this link to get more info on how to treat this problem:

Hope this one helps.

Dog like freedom. it’s hard to make her stop running, because this is their nature. the things that you can do is spend more time to accompany her. the rest of the time just keep her at house. if possible, try to allocate bigger place for her to move around.

You need to talk to a trainer or do some research for teaching your dog to stay. You should also try to get a mirco chip to put in her so in case she gets lost again. Your dog could be in heat too?

Train her not to. Punish her every time she runs away, and try to prevent her from getting away. Put her on a leash when you go outside with her.
If there’s a time where she’s going to run away, but you call her back, give her a treat if she responds to your command and comes back, but make sure to punish her if she ignores you. (Punishment: spray her with water, yell at her)

Fence, leash, contact a reputable trainer.

Put her on a leash. Put up a fence. Tie her.

Dogs run away because they want to feel free. They wouldnt run away if they had room to run. The best thing you can do is get a place with a fenced yard.

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