My neighbors dog killed my dog and then he almost shot my husband?

I had a little yorkie, named Lizzie. She he was very sweet and always wanted to play with other dogs. Our neighbors dogs, are very aggressive pitbulls. They growl when i got outside through his fence. He has 3 of them. Our neighbor is a known drug dealer. Well, last night, lizzie was outside with my daughters, and…

Technically since it was on his property it his not his fault and there is not much you can do. However, depending on how big the hole was that she got in through, you might have a case. Also if the other dogs were known to have killed other animals before, they could be put down. I would call your local humane society like the person above me said and ask them. They have most likely dealt with situations similar to yours. Unfortunately their is no law to arrest someone for being an asshole.

Reality – you can do little to nothing. #1 Your puppy went under their fence and invaded their territory. #2 Your daughter put her hand over the fence. Make sure her bite is treated. #3 Your husband went over there and started a fight. The neighbor ” defended” himself”.

If the skin was broken on your daughter’s hand, take her to a doctor. Then check with animal control if the pit bulls are legal, and if they are current with their shots. You could file stuff to say they are vicious dogs, but the puppy and your daughter violated the dogs’ space.

You could find out if the gun is legal. However, that might cause trouble for your husband and he could be arrested.

Even if you took him on Judge Judy, she would tell you the same.

If he is a known drug dealer, and is that sick to toss the dead puppy back into your yard in front of your daughters then MOVE.

Call the humane society/animal control. The neighbors dogs will probably be put down as they are an endangerment to the community if they get loose. I’m not sure what to do about the police though… Also, since the dogs bit your daughter… You can sue for that you know

Get a maintain of that attorney, and inform him, if he used to be any form of an attorney, he must informed the person to name animal manipulate, and let them handle the challenge instead of threatening you to get rid of your canine! To ensure that him to take to you to court, you have got to be served papers! NOW! Seeing as his customer took matters into his possess palms and shot the dog (two wrongs don’t make a right!) you’re going to be contacting YOUR lawyer, now not only for killing her canine, but firing a weapon in a residential area, might have put a baby in danger! I am hoping the person had a license for that gun! That’s anything else i might look into!! A lot for Christianity proper!! Go get the Police report if there may be one, and go see an legal professional!

Go directly to the cops this time, I don’t think they can do much about the dogs. But the neighbor can get arrested in court.

throw a molotov cocktail on his house at night and set it ablaze then.Just saying, . But technically the man defended himself. your dog went there . He didnt have his dogs kill your dog. your dog got killed THEN he came out. You screamed at him for your over priced dog and he told you to **** off . and then he tossed the dog over your fence. Although he may be all sorts of scumbags. He unfortunately, was in the right.

That’s rediculous. You should write to the minister of justice and law enforcement about this.

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