Poll: wats hotter British accents or Australian accents!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

Wats hotter british or australian accents




I’m Australian but I don’t really notice people’s accents unless they’re talking with someone from another country (e.g. The US) because then it stands out. I don’t really like it though.


What British accent? There are loads! London, Yorkshire, Manchester, Bristol, Scouse, Newcastle, to name a few!
But I would say that Australian is hotter. 🙂

Love the australian accent! <33
But I love British just as much .lol 😛

Having the ‘stereotypical Hugh Grant like’ British accent myself I cannot vote for myself so I will say Australian ^_^.

Aussies all sound the same to me.
We dont have 1 specific accent.. we have loads of different regional accents.. the geordie accent from Newcastle in north east England is just lovely. haha 🙂

British, but I also like austrailian accents.

Australian, sorry Brits.

British, definitely. I don’t even find austrailian accents very attractive. Russian is my favorite though.

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