Rock N Pop: What are the worst album covers ever? plus BQs?

I think every album cover by Amon Amarth is overdone and ugly

BQ: How are you today?
BQ2: Any plans for the weekend?
BQ3: Favorite song based on a fantasy story?
BQ4: Did you know that I love you?
BQ5: Favorite album cover?
BQ6: Remember this?…

How to dismantle an atomic bomb (by U2). Boring as hell.
Cheshire cat (by blAnk 182). Hella stupid.

BA: bad
BA2: no.
BA3: ?
BA4: no i did not
BA5: Ceremony (by the Cult)
BA6: no
BA7: no
BA8: Rolling Stones
BA9: all of them
BA11: Yes. All caused by that hateful ideology known as ‘feminism’
BA12: Beatles

BA10: Not into him

Sweet Sixteen by Royal Trux…

BQ: How are you today? I’ve been sick all day.
BQ2: Any plans for the weekend? Apparently it is to be sick.
BQ3: Favorite song based on a fantasy story? I don’t know.
BQ4: Did you know that I love you? Baloney.
BQ5: Favorite album cover?…
BQ6: Remember this?… N/A. I don’t feel like clicking your link
BQ7: Nickelodeon magazine please? No
BQ8: Most overrated Classic Rock artist? Brian Wilson
BQ9: Most overrated Metal artist? Ronnie Dio
BQ11: Did you know that Europe is going through a cultural crisis unparalleled in the history of the Western world? Everything must end eventually.
BQ12: Led Zeppelin or the Beatles? The Beatles

BQ10: Buy or sell; Frank Zappa sucks? Sell

Eh i dunno

BQ: Oh fine
BQ2: Nope not right now hopefully i can maybe hang out with a friend and get a job
BQ3: I guess Nightwish – 7 Days to the Wolves
BQ4: Aw thank you
BQ5: Oohh…probably Deftones’ Koi No Yokan
BQ6: I was like a year old when that appeared
BQ7: Nope da’dope
BQ8: Black Sabbath
BQ9: Metallica
BQ10: Yah
BQ11: No i did not
BQ12: The Beatles

Most album coves by the band Manowar. But in particular, their compilation Anthology.

BQ1: Not well.
BQ2: No.
BQ3: “Dracula” by Iced Earth
BQ4: I was under the impression that you didn’t like me.
BQ5: Dark Side of the Moon by Pink Floyd.
BQ9: Opeth.
BQ10: I didn’t. Too busy with my own problems.
BQ11: I like Led Zeppelin better.
BQ12: Sell.

BQ: Fine, thank you.. and you?
BQ2: Yes
BQ3: Across The Universe
BQ4: I don’t care
BQ5: Revolver
BQ6: rssssss
BQ7: rssssss
BQ8: ———-
BQ9: ———-
BQ10: hummm
BQ11: Who told you?
BQ12: The Beatles

Read this entire thread. All of these are terrible.…
BQ: tired
BQ2: nope
BQ3: Shadow over Innsmouth – Space Mirrors
BQ4: Pfft.
BQ5:this one…
BQ6: nope
BQ7: …
BQ8: If the Beatles count as rock at all, then them.
BQ9: Slayer or Metallica
BQ11: so is America…
BQ12:Led Zeppelin

Worst album cover avenged sevenflods album called avenged seven fold, unlike every album cover by amon amarth this was way underdone

BQ: good, just chillin in my apartment
BQ2: no, we’ll just see what happens
BQ3: i dont really know any
BQ4: how you dont even know me
BQ5: red hot chili peppers by the way
BQ6: not at all, im only 14
BQ7: dont have one
BQ8: aerosmith, they had some good songs but they wherent THAT good
BQ9: idk i dont listen to to much metal, i prefer punk rock and classic rock
BQ10: IDK what frank zappa sucks is
BQ11: here in america, europe does not concern us.
BQ12: EASILY led zeplin, to bad their not on spotify

Nevermind by Nirvana

BQ: Good
BQ2: No :/
BQ4: Yay
BQ5: My War by Black Flag,eerie yet mysterious yet epic all at the same time.
BQ6: Nope,I grew up with Disney until like 2002 or so when they added Nickelodeon to the cable I had then.
BQ7: ?
BQ8: The Beatles
BQ9: Metallica
BQ10: Rent
BQ11: Yes
BQ12: Zep

Anarchy – Chumbawamba…

BQ: I just woke up so idk
BQ2: Lie in bed all day?
BQ3: Get Out Of My House – Kate Bush
BQ4: Sure
BQ5: The Low End Theory – A Tribe Called Quest…
BQ6: No
BQ7: Okay
BQ8: Idk
BQ9: Idk [2]
BQ10: Sell]
BQ11: Aiight
BQ12: Beatles

your face is ugly

*I’m not trolling, I honestly think you’re ugly IRL.

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