So what did you eat today?

As you know today was Thanksgiving, and I didn’t eat a lot. (Some stuffing, a little baked ziti, and some bread.) What did everybody else eat? A lot?

Chicken, mashed taters, pumpkin pie, sweet potatoes, apple pie, HOMEMADE CRANBERRY SAUCE WHICH WAS DELICIOUS AND GREATNESS AND SWEET AND BETTER THAN STORE BOUGHT AND EASY TO MAKE, succotash, cornucopia, lots of turkey, more chicken, oh some peas, DON’T FORGET THE LIMA BEANS, oh yes gravy! Turkey dunked in gravy and mashed potatoes is great. OH WOW HOW COULD I FORGET THE STUFFING THIS FAR IN?! That should’ve been first! Man, all that food is messing with my brain. Next of course is the asparagus, which is nice and fibrous, takes a while to chew ya know? We had some shrimp and spinach next to the turkey too. It was salty, kind of. Oh yes, a pot pie too. Homemade and not nasty. WE ALSO HAD GREEN BEANS! Soggy, like we all like them! Oh how delicioso! And do you want to know something funny? MY MOM SECRETLY PUT A GARLIC CLOVE IN MY LUMP OF MASHED POTATOES! That was the first thing I attacked too! I picked up my fork, grabbed a clump of taters and shoved it in my mouth! All the taste of potato was drained out as a truly horrendous smell reached my tongue buds. AAARGH! I went into convulsions and had a seizure, but let’s not get into that. Continuing on, I also consumed deviled eggs, cookies, brownies, more pie, cake, ice cream, MEATBALLS with SPAGHETTI SAUCE, my mom was going to order pizza too but she decided we had enough anyway. We did try some fish, tilapia. It has a weird muddy flavor. Of course, everything I have mentioned is and was COMPLETELY HOMEMADE. No icky STORE BOUGHT FARTS FOODS in our thanksgiving! Oh yeah, we had these really DENSE BREAD ROLLS BISCUITS. They were rock hard, not even joking and I almost lost a tooth trying to eat one with cranberry sauce on it. A terrible experience. Have you heard of pumpkin cheesecake? Try it sometime; it’s not bad, but put a slice of provolone cheese on top of the whipped cream and cherry for that extra kick, you know?

i’m meant to be on a weight loss plan, yet i’ve got had relatively a binge at present… Breakfast – 3 strawberries, 12 grapes, 3 cherry tomatoes, and a pair of slices of white bread. Snacks: 2 French Fancies and a Terry’s Chocolate Orange bar. save ingesting wooded area culmination drink, which has a great form of energy. Lunch – Quorn (pretend meat) poultry slice and a pair of Quorn sausages, in rolls. Dinner – Small egg fried rice. it relatively is 10 O’clock, and that i’ve got in simple terms eaten 2 small bread rolls. I even have 0 self administration while it involves foodstuff, and hence i’ve got began putting it right into a foodstuff diary. Mehhh :/ i think of you’re no longer ingesting sufficient, it relatively is unquestionably no longer sufficient energy. in case you devour decrease than 1200 energy an afternoon, you will no longer drop extra pounds. you ought to devour some greater issues, in spite of the undeniable fact that it relatively is an extremely healthful weight-loss software. 🙂

It’s like 5pm here so the turkeys not done yet:/ I’m so hungry ready for it to be done! I’ll probaply have the turkey of course, mashed potato, green bean casorol, pumpkin pie and a lot more!

I HAD ….brisket,glazed ham,stufing,chedar brockly beef rice,greenbean casserole,yams,cranberry sauce, dinner rolls and all tall cold glass of KOOLAID wich i LOVE and for dessert pumkin and pecan pie…..

ice cream
pumpkin pie


cole slaw

pecan pie with whip cream…Mmmmmmmmmmmm

too much

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