What can I do?? i like a guy but i dont kow if he is married i asked him he say no…do i have to trust him?

What can i do i want to findout by myself without asking him…once i saw him with a woman he say to me she was a friend

The best way to know is to ask to meet their friends & family. If they refuse then you know something is wrong. Someone who doesnt mind you meeting their friends and family has nothing to hide. Keep in mind some friends will cover up for them though so you want to meet more than just one friend.

Ohh, the old I’m not married trick. I tell you this, if he is married you’ll find out once your heart is won over to him and at that point it’ll be very difficult to let go. I know many people who are or has been caught up in that type of situation. Some actually get angry at the unknowing wife because he told the girlfriend all sorts of thing about her, like she doesn’t cook, she keeps a messy house, etc. If he lied in the beginning wouldn’t he be prone to lie about other things. Remember this- rarely does he leave her for the other girl and if he does shouldn’t she expect the same treatment in the future. I’m just saying, be careful and if you find out that he’s married, run as fast and far away as you can. Some of the signs are only having the phone number to his cell phone or not being able to call at certain times. Does he sometime whisper over the phone and/or keep you on the phone for very short periods. Have you ever visited his home or has he introduced you to close family (not male cousins, but aunties, sisters, or parents). We usually keep the secret woman away from our female family because they may not say anything directly to you but they’ll get on him later. Many sign are present, you just have to be watchful.

If you know where he works, call his office. Tell the receptionist your company is having a get-together and you would like to send an invitation to “the guy” and his wife – what is her name? She’ll either give you a name or tell you he isn’t married.

Ask him for his home phone number. If he won’t give it to you – he’s married or lives with someone. Might be as easy as looking it up in the phone book and giving it a call.

If he says he doesn’t have a home phone and only a cell – stay suspicious until you know the truth.

From the information you chose to give here. I don’t think you should save your marriage if you are being abused. You can’t only think about yourself you need to raise your child in a healthy environment. I would say don’t jump too quick with the other relationship. Live a little and find out what it is that you want.

Obviously you feel something is wrong or you wouldnt be asking that question. Move on and find some one else. Stay away from a man with the intial B.E.C. in washington state. I wont post his full name here for obvious reasons but just trust me he’ll lie to you time and time again and will break your heart.

Dont jump into anything until you get to know him. Spend time with him and dont rush into anything. If he is married the more time you spend with him and if he is married you will find out whether he is lying to you or not.

Good ways to tell if he is involved with someone else is by his behavior. Did he introduce you to the lady or did he act like he was afraid of you meeting her? Do you feel like he is hiding things from you or lying?

Be honest with yourself as well if you think he is lying and things just dont add up chances are that you are right to be suspicious. good luck.

I would trust your instincts. You obviously feel that he is not being honest with you.

I guess some signs would be if he didn’t give his home phone number to you but gave you his cell or work number. He doesn’t invite you over to his place…ever, or tell you where he lives!

I have a feeling he may be trying to play you. If you ever see him out in public try to sneak glances n look on his left hand finger next to his pinky n see if he’s wearing his ring. Just because he’s not wearing the ring doesn’t mean go for it.

does he have a ring? Did the women object when he said she was a friend? I would trust him unless you have a reallly good reason to think otherwise. it seems to me like he’s probably not married

aww hun. guys are so secretive.
you dont have to trust him.

but i mean he could be just friends.
is there a ring on his finger?

and if you really want to know.
ask him.
if you must question yourself about him.. is he really worth liking?

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