What could cause my 2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo to overheat?

I have a 2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo 4.0L engine that keeps overheating. I have replaced the radiator, the radiator fan and motor, thermostat, and now the relay. The fan worked only when the A/C was on now after changing the relay does not kick on at all. Car overheats and check gauges light illuminates. What…

you may have a blown water pump. thus there isnt any coolant circulating through the cooling system. the water pump is driven by a belt, it may be your main belt or an accessory belt if either belt is slipping this also could be the problem. if you notice your powersteering to be a little more difficult this indicates a belt issue, most likely accessory as the water pump and powersteering are generally driven by the same belt. if your car does not have an accessory belt and the water pump is driven by the main belt or even electrically, check the fuses. if they are good run a coolant leak test, then a coolant circulation test to determine if your water pump is faulty or not and whether there is a leak in the system.

When you put in the new relay, did you sand the rust off the mounting pad? Did you coat the back of the relay with dielectric grease? Did you clean the grounding screw? If not, the relay won’t work or will fry very quickly. It cools and gets ground by touching metal.

ill gie it a shot no spark reguadless of your timing its a sensor on the crank and thats a big thing with your jeeps and as well as mbz s crankshaft sensor ??? you got a puter look it up cee ya

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