What do people represent with The United States of America?

When I think of different country’s I have pictures in my mind of things that represent them. What do people who don’t live in the USA represent with America?

I live in Washington State USA. I live in a small farming town with surrounding mountains and forests.

that everyone here is fat!! and totally retarded…!

I just come back from vacation in Europe and that’s what most ppl are thinking we are!!

it really bothered me alot..because I’m an American and I’m not fat nor dumb!!

Does Iran believe Columbia University represents the United States of America? Of course not. Do you mean the Iranian people or the Iranian government? I cannot believe that Iranian people do not know what’s really going on. However this does not mean that when Columbia President Lee Bollinger described Mr Ahmadinejad as a “cruel dictator” who denied the Holocaust, it was the right thing to do. All those who went to that appearance of the Iranian President knew his background and were fully aware of the remarks he made about the holocaust and the destruction of the state of Israel. I do not think that Ahmadinejad required or deserved such a description of himself in the introduction itself. I believe Lee Bollinger should at least have had the decency to wait for him to make his speech before challenging his views, like every other person who wanted to do so there. Having said that I do not think Ahmadinejad could have expected the red carpet rolled out for him in the USA. Yet, he did not come there with a bomb round his waist- belt and I think in a civilized society someone who doesn’t really have ‘blood on his hands’ but whose views are different from many people including myself has a right to express his views and defend them.

Sadly Americans don’t always do themselves any favours They often show themselves in the media to be small minded and ignorant of anything outside America.
Though I am sure the media slants everthing to make it more exciting.
I am sure though that most are just like everyone they want to build a home look after their family and get through life without hurting anyone.

I live in a town east of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. I think of America as a wonderful nation filled with oppurtunities and amazing citizens. A nation with such a diverse array of landscapes and wildlife. But I also see it as a nation that has, for quite some time I might add, a blanket over its citizens and a nation full of naive (but wonderful) people.

you have Hollywood films and such but honestly the main things i think i would have to say are very right wing politics racism and a lot of violence….. I’m sure its not like that as the Americans i know are all great people its just the image we get from media and such here in the UK…

well that depends where u live…i think of America as a country that has developed and is really rich…and the usual George Bush…oh and money….yeah

I think of a red barn next to a farmhouse, an american flag, a porch, good people, baseball, comfort, friendliness and strip malls. ha.

A country I wanna visit.

Super size big mac, george bush, beaches, obesity, war

but also long wide open roads where you can drive forever in a big car

Hamburgers, guns,Stetsons,celebrities,fat people, lovely white straight teeth!

300 million people and no 2 are the same!


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