What do you look for or attracts you towards the opposite sex??

Me,my guy has to be mature,funny and loving that is all i ask for!!! : )


I totally agree with you Diamondz!

He has to be loving,funny and has to except me for who i am.

Hey, where have you been?

a good sense of humor
a kind heart and soul
pretty eyes
nice smile
Thses are things that will last a lifetime. The body changes over time but if you have the above things mentioned you will be beautiful forever!

I just want him to have a sense of humor, mature, and he can’t be afraid to show his sensitive side every once in a while. I also want to be able to trust that he isn’t going to break my heart.

I agree with you! Mature, funny, loving and accepts me for who I am

The aroma of vodka with a hint of chocolate

Also the absence of ear hair

the girl has to be smart, funny, good personality, good smile wanting do do something with her life and be able to speak her mind. AND THE BIG THING HAS TO LOVE ME FOR WHO I AM

first thing would b physical features- obviously the same as everyone: nice breasts, great ***, pretty face and a nice body figure… but gf material I gotta say a someone who is fun to be with, understanding, caring and of course loving.

I need an funny, mature, and–most importantly–honest guy who will respect me.

Hi, I am mature, funny and loving and free, you forgot that one.

OK, A pulse

Someone who is beautiful on the inside which reflects their beauty on the outside..

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