What do you think of this junior electric guitar?

Hello 😛
We have to return my electric ( it was broken, so i never learned to use it. hah.)
And ive been reading the reviews for this-

People are saying its a pretty nice guitar. its a epiphone LP junior special…

I’m a 5’5″ adult and I own the black Epiphone LP Jr. Despite the name, it doesn’t look at all like a toy. It’s comparable in size to my Fender Telecaster, so no one would ever think, “Wow, she’s playing a really dinky guitar.” Don’t let the name discourage you, since it’s a great guitar — built like a rock and really crunchy sounding.

If you’ve never played guitar before, you might find the neck a little chunky. I’ve got really small hands and the LP Jr. is a little difficult for me to play because the neck is so fat and I’m accustomed to Fender and Ibanez necks. If I were you, I’d go to a guitar store and test drive it, since that will tell you whether or not the neck is right for you.

When I bought the LP Jr., I expected it to be a glorified toy because of the price. But it’s a really cool guitar and easily worth twice the price. The only weird thing about it is the cream-colored pickup ring, which doesn’t match the guitar at all. I spent maybe $10 and got a chrome pickup cover and a black pickup ring and the guitar is absolutely gorgeous now.

I personally would select the full size, whether electric or acoustic. As you refresh your skills the size shouldn’t matter but you’ll appreciate the room on a full size guitar. Just be sure to get a quality guitar that will give you many years of enjoyment.

These guitars are fairly small, but you should really go and try a full sized guitar and see how it feels

If it feels ok your better off going full sized as it will look more normal when people see you play and also it will feel more natural when you start actually playing with bands and stuff live with expensive full sized guitars

But it depends also on your budget, how long you plan on playing guitar, and where you going to play it, if it’s just pracitising and you like the sound of this guitar, go ahead

Well, if you’re a beginner, you could probably get it. I have an electric guitar and I think that particular one is an ok quality. Now if you want to join a band, well, that’s a different story!

Prince is more than likely smaller than you and he plays a full sized guitar! Don’t bother with a mini guitar. Get a real one!

seems like a sweet deal for sure.

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