What does God Look like? Morgan Freeman?

So what makes you think God looks like a Man and not something else… a mop on a stick for example?

Ok seriously ….. What image do you have in your head… when you think of God?

To me, God looks like you, and Serafim, and Patrick, and Darth, and Ramjet, and Kallan, etc.

God has to look like my friend, or I won’t recognize him.

or does Morgan Freeman look like god? 😛

.: Perfect Bliss is Brahman. Perfect Peace is of the Self. That alone
exists and is conscious. The same conclusion is arrived at: (a)
judged metaphysically, and (b) inferred by Bhakti Marga (Path
of Devotion).
We pray to God for Bliss and receive it by Grace. The bestower of bliss
must be Bliss itself and also Infinite. Therefore, Iswara is the Personal
God of infinite power and bliss. Brahman is Bliss, impersonal and
absolute. The finite egos, deriving their source from Brahman and then
Iswara, are in their spiritual nature bliss only. Biologically, an organism
functions because such functions are attended with happiness.
It is pleasure that helps our growth; food, exercise, rest, and
gregarious qualities. The psychology (and metaphysics) of pleasure
is perhaps this; Our nature is primarily one, entire, blissful. Take
this as a probable hypothesis. Creation is by the entire Godhead
breaking into God and Nature (maya or prakriti). This maya is
of two parts: (para) – the supporting essence and (apara) the five
elements, mind, intellect, and ego (eightfold).
Ego’s perfection is suddenly broken at a point and a want is felt
giving rise to a desire to get something or do something. When
that want is cured by the fulfilment of that desire, the ego is happy
and the original perfection is restored. Therefore happiness may
be said to be our natural condition or nature. Pleasure and pain are
relative and refer to our finite state, with progress by satisfaction
of want. If relative progress is stopped and the soul merges into
Brahman – of the nature of perfect peace – that soul ceases to have
relative, temporary pleasure and enjoys perfect peace – Bliss. Hence
Self-Realisation is Bliss; it is realizing the Self as the limitless
spiritual eye (jnana dristi) and not clairvoyance; it is the highest
self-surrender. Samsara (the world-cycle) is sorrow.

He does not look like Morgan Freeman. He looks lke George Burns. Well not George Burns who is six feet under but George Burns from the 80s.

God can reveal Himself in any form He desires, and He may manifest Himself differently to different people. I don’t believe He is limited by any natural laws that we hold as being constant. I think that a likeness of Morgan Freeman may be the form He would assume when He reveals Himself to the people who have persecuted people of color. My personal image of Him is Light. He is my Light. When I think of Christ, He does not have light brown hair and blues eyes. The bible decribed Jesus as “swarthy,” meaning dark.

Nah, I don’t think he’d resemble a human at all. Remember he is perfect, so I’d say he is the perfect shape, a circle. A circle of amazing mind boggling energy. As for his voice though, I’d have to say that the only voice I’ve ever heard that could even come close to what I imagine God’s voice would be…the one…the only…James Earl Jones.

Mankind was made in God’s image, according to the Bible. So, it’s not such a stretch to visualize a human face…. And since Morgan Freeman has such a kind face, it would’t bother me a bit if God did look like him. My own image? An elderly man….

Well according to the bible we are like him, not the other way round, necessarily for what that’s worst.

But since no one has truly seen God, even in the Bible he takes images, I’d say he doesn’t look like anything because he is beyond optical detection and mental comprehension, by defintion. So even if our eyes could see him, our brains might not be able to process and would overload.

Honestly, I don’t want to have a picture of God in my mind. We’ve all been conditioned to have the same mental image of Jesus, because he came to earth as a mortal man. I like to think that God, having never been seen, is infinite and too great to have one image.

White hair and a long white beard, like Santa Claus. Wearing long white robes. And gleaming with light, almost blindingly gleaming.

I always thought it was George Burns – oh well. I guess I have to stay of with the politically correct times and that “God” is no longer an old white man but an old black man.

Good Luck!!!

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