What is a good form of punishment for a 14 yr. old that runs a cell phone bill up to $640 from texting?

She did this before about a year ago.

confiscate the phone

Take the phone for a long time, at least a couple of months and have her do extra chores to help pay the bill. I would restrict her Internet time, bedtime and any other free time because this is her second offense.

I spoke to the phone company once and because it was so close to the end of the cycle they retroactively gave me the unlimited text for the additional monthly fee which was much less the the bill I would have had to pay.
Even if you get the bill discounted because she did this before and knew it would cost you it is also a trust issue. She will need to earn that back as well.

First of all, it’s not your fault for “not blocking the texting”. Puh-lease! She’s 14 and should be smart enough to figure out that 8 bazillion texts a day will cost money. Six hundred and forty bucks is LOT of money and, frankly, I think she should have to pay it. Make her mow lawns or babysit or pull weeds until she earns the $640 to pay you back. Making Mommy and Daddy pay for her screw up is unacceptable. Personally, the best punishment is take away the phone. She’s proven that she isn’t trustworthy and mature enough to handle a cellphone. There’s no reason a 14-year-old absolutely NEEDS a cellphone all the time. If she’s going somewhere where she needs a phone, then let her borrow yours or a sibling’s phone or she can just use a friend’s phone. (Everyone has one, so it’s not like she’s ever going to be stranded somewhere with nothing to communicate with you with, unless she’s going somewhere alone, which she shouldn’t be anyway.)

Wow..after the first time I would have disabled the texting with the cell phone company. My daughter ran up a $100 bill and I called Sprint and disabled it. I would take the phone away and make her work for it doing more chores around the house.

I am fourteen years old, things that I think would piss off a kid my age and would make a great punishment are

take away your daughter’s cell phone, she will complain so much that she will loose her voice, but she will dare not text message again

demand good grades in order to get her cell phone back, if she really loves her phone, then she will try her hardest to get her grades back

dont let her use her cell phone for another year unless she works to pay it back, her cell phone bill should be that much in one year, not one month

dont let her see her friends so she dare not text message too much again, only use this punishment for about a week because she can still see her friends at school

and no offense but your daughter is spoiled, I have a cell phone, but I am only allowed to call my parents on it and nobody else, so your daughter is really spoiled, and if she does talk to somebody that you dont know about she could get herself into trouble one day. And I mean really big trouble, one that will ruin her life

EDIT: since she can only do chores to pay, I suggest taking her cell phone away from her, or you could just take out the sim card and give it to her so she can at least call 911 in an emergency, but you should have told her that she would get punished if she were to send too many text messages, if that happened to me, my parents would beat me so hard that I would get bruised all over my face, I cannot believe that she would do that, but just canceling the text messaging is not a good option because she can still talk through the phone to her friends so it will not matter too much, you should make her think about what she did so that she dare not do it again

Make him pay you back. Make him do chores for what would have been an allowence. Take the money and set it aside for the bill. Make an amount of money that each chore is worth, and each time she does it write it on a chart. Keep track and make her do the chores until she is paid up…probably a year or so. Take her phone away, or atleast put a block on it. I would take it away for a while.

Take away her cell phone and make her live without it until she can be trusted with a cell phone again. Or, let her use the cell phone, but tell her that you will not pay for it, and she will have to pay for it, by money that she has.

first get unlimited texting. its only like 5 bucks a month.and second the best punishment would be take his phone for a while. and make him do work to pay u back. like get a job or do some stuff around the house. like clean the attic or garage. clean up after pets, yard work. ground him.

Take away the cell phone until she pays you back the $640.

well since this happened before i’m guessing you know how to sort this out with the phone company. you don’t have to pay the full $640… just change the plan to unlimited
and uhh take away her phone?
that’d be a good start

lol how’d it even get that bad? thats 6,400 texts over… lol there’s a way to monitor it online

A good form of punishment would prolly be just taking the phone, or block texting or make them work it off until they pay you back.

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