What is your top five most frustrating things when it comes to getting pregnant?

One of the things that has been frustrating for me is getting my husband interested at the right time.

What’s frustrating for you?

1. One line on the pregnancy test.
2. Having to wait a whole month to try again.
3. Getting the magic going at the right time.
4. Eating Clomid, it makes me feel terrible. Then I cry when I stop taking it, cause I am very tender hearted.
5. The feeling of inadequacy when your not pregnant.

*BIG HUG to all the Mommy wanna be’s*
Its hard. So hard. I have become preggo once, ending in micarriage at 14.5 weeks. Most times I wish I died that day with my child. In most ways, I guess I did. You cant get that part of you back.

I get mad at myself for making my myself think I have the symptoms of being preg. and then I always cry cause I get my pd. I do all the opk testing and still nothing. We have both been checked and still 13 months later nothing. I hate knowing that I will have to take a Clomid starting in May and I hate for people to tell me I am trying to hard and to stop thinking about it. I really want to say LEAVE ME ALONE and QUIT ASKING IF I AM YET!! lol…..
1. The word Negative
2. Opk test
3. Trying at the “right” time (which I have Obviously not done)
4. TWW
5. People asking how Its going
6. People crying cause they accidentally got preg. WHAT?!!
I wish everyone ttc Baby Dust

5) Checking CM

4) Peeing on sticks everyday from cd13 and running out the day before ovulation!

3) Keeping the spice in the Bedroom ….Jumping off the cupboard in a chicken suit doesnt work anymore ….giggles!

2) The 2WW

And the most frustrating of all is:

1) BFN’s

in case you have been attempting to get pregnant for 3 years than that is quite time to work out a fertility professional – Reproductive Endocronologist. you will have a minor situation that may actual be taken care. It won’t injury to get appeared at regardless. good success!

The most frustraiting thing for me is trying month after month and seeming to do EVERYTHING right. I chart, I take my temps…I check my cervical positions and use OPK every month and then go through the DREDED 2 week wait only to get my period or have a negative test. GAHHHHHH! Sometimes I just feel like giving up! lol. Or going outside to scream!

Amen wujoo, that was us
times two.
times 4 miscarriages
times 3 years of clomide
times 4 years of progesterone
times 3 years of waiting on someone day and night that was on perpetual bed rest..
With little or no nookie since 14 years ago.

You want the right time, for the guy anytime is the right time. jeez.

Hey, we are not just a piece of meat you know…..

My wife and I tried for 6 years and 6 figures$$$ before we came up with the little guy in the avatar.

Thats 72 times of monthly disappointment
312 weeks of pure heartache
2,136 days of intense depression
51,264 hours something really missing in your life
3,075,840 minutes of wondering what you are your wife did wrong…..

But hey, who is counting right?

All that ended up with the most wonderful little person in the world. Hang in there!

Seems like every other woman you run into is pregnant or has young kids.. The people at my work (who don’t know I’m trying) say that people are getting pregnant from drinking the water because everyone is turning up pregnant..except me of course 🙁

1- BFN
2- Neg OPK’s
3- the waiting game
4- finding sex “reproductive”
5- thinking PMS symptoms are pregnancy symptoms

Getting pregnant
Getting pregnant
getting pregnant
getting pregnant
Good luck to you, a husband not wanting to have sex?

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