Whats one of the best albums you have listened to this year?

Im liking Secret Lives! Of The Freemasons new album
Weekend Warriors
at the moment


Wow, that’s a really good question. I tend to think about things like that, too. I seriously don’t believe that humanity will be around — at least in the same way we know it — in 500 years. But, for this question, let’s say the year 2511 is pretty much like it is now. What will people be listening to? Hmmmm…. Probably the great classical composers, as they are pretty much timeless. Perhaps The Beatles, as their music seems to traverse the decades fairly effortlessly. Who knows? Basically, I think it will all prove to be a moot point anyway.

Kanye West – Graduation

Lupe Fiasco – The Cool

I am a huge Eagles fan and really like “Long Road Out Of Eden”.

Keysha Cole: The Way It Is

The soundtrack to Juno.

The new kings of Leon album
oh no that was last year

AN old album by a band called 3rdbass……..cool stuff.

I’m loving Incubus – make yourself. ….even though its from 1999…its still fab never get bored of it

not sure, I listen to singles more than albums

**** on the wall by who flung poo

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