What’s your favorite rock song/band?

I’m looking for some new music to listen to, as I’ve listened to a lot of stuff lately. It doesn’t have to be rock, but it’s certainly perferrable. Something soft and sweet like “Mad World” by Gary Jules, or something loud and aggressive like “Hellyeah” by Hellyeah. Whatever you…

My all time favorite bands are Hole and Nirvana

and Idk if you know about them but, “be your own pet” are pretty great, they arent together anymore though..
Listen to their songs “black hole”, “bunk trunk skunk” and “super soaked”

I like a few of these too! A few songs might be, Fall Out Boy: The Take Over, The Breaks Over, and This Ain’t A Scene, Its An Arms Race. Panic! At The Disco- I write sins now not tragdies and But its bigger in the event you do. three Doors Down- It’s now not my time. Nirvana- Breed Stone Temple Pilots- Down

I don’t know if I would consider them to be rock, but Brand New has been my favorite band for about 7 years now. Pretty great stuff, you should check it out.

Their new album was just released and it is titled “Daisy” It has some softer songs, some louder.

Other albums by Brand New that are easy to come by.
1) The Devil and God Are Raging Inside Me (amazing)
2) Deja Entendu (my favorite)
3)Your Favorite Weapon (more of a younger punk/rock kind of sound)

Check out the original version of ‘Mad World’ by Tears for Fears. I quite frankly found it ten times better.

Something soft and sweet? Most of Elton John’s songs are touching and really pretty, but they also tend to be…incredibly depressing. I don’t know if you’re looking for subtlety lyric-wise or music-wise (although I assume the latter), but I think he’d be good for you. Some of Elton’s best tracks are ‘Daniel’, ‘Someone Saved My Life Tonight’, and ‘Levon’.

Loud and aggressive? Well, one of my current favorite bands is Rush, and a lot of their pre-Moving Pictures material is really heavy (for a prog rock band). I recommend the songs ‘Anthem’, ‘2112’, and ‘La Villa Strangiato’, specifically.

Sleepy house by Blind Melon
All night diner by Modest Mouse
Ten Million Slaves by Otis Taylor

I love Dance Gavin Dance! You should listen to them…they’re like a funk/alternative rock/screamo band. I love his voice! Listen to “And I Told Them I Invented Times New Roman”, “Carl Barker”, “Tree Village”, and “NASA”. All good quality songs! Another good band is Emarosa. And they’re like alternative rock (much like Dance Gavin Dance without the screaming). Listen to “I Still Feel Her – Part 1” and “Sailing in the Dark isn’t Smart Kid.”

-A Day to Remember’s “Downfall of us all” or “A Shot in the Dark”
-Bedlight for Blue Eyes’ “Without You”
-The Audition’s “My Teperature’s Rising”
-Zebrahead is a great band
-Meriwether’s “Ay, Julian”
-Four Year Strong has MANY great songs

I quite like Kings of Leon

I love these bands so much 😀

blink 182.
breaking benjamin.
if you like those check out “forget it” all of there songs are amazing to me. : P
sick puppies.
all of there stuff is amazing too.
the used.
all of there stuff is alsoo once again amazing
mayday parade.
they have good new stuff too:]
eygpt central.
“mixtape” and “maybe it’s just me”-butch walker.
brand new
the spill canvas
august burns red.
coheed and cambria
louder then thunder-the devil wears prada its a really good song
senses fail.
framing hanley.
three days grace is amazingg.
if you like that last song. look up more of there stuff:] i likee every lie. they are unsigned but they are amazing :]

45 – Shinedown

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