When will the USA stop giving aid to the so called israel?

When the US Dollar loses its status as a world reserve currency, an event which is now considered inevitable by most economists from all sides of the political spectrum. When US citizens have to live with these changes, and military spending is cut drastically, they won’t vote for a politician who believes in funding a foriegn power. What’s more, the American public are now, after Israel’s deplorable behaviour and with access to a greater diversity of news sources and informa*////tion (my cat typed the extra letters in that last word) via the internet, are becoming more aware of what funding zionism actually means………. (Those dots were my cat too. clever kitty, just in the right place they were).

@Jiim E – you’ve improved your grammar, now work on the spelling (you mis-spell it ‘grammer’..)

@dandyl – you cut and pasted from here, http://www.factsandlogic.org/ad_02c.html , if none of the words are yours except ‘to answer you’ why not play by the rules and cite your source?

Again, and with all due respect. You need to get a life!!!!

American forein aid is one of the ways it excercises influence in the world. It gives huge amounts of aid to moderate Arab nations like Egypt. It sends money all over the place.

American aid to Israel is in two forms. Military credits for buying arms from America. And financial aid which Israel has been reducing over the last ten years in order to have more control of its own finances.

You are seriously deluded. You have no idea what we are going through here and people like you fanning the flames of hate are only doing damage. Again, get a life!


When the so-called aid ceases to be a great deal for the US.

By the way, when you have fantasies of destroying the so-called Israel, keep in mind that it has so-called nukes, and wake up to so-called reality.

hmm… you speak of a ”so called israel” yet ironically the only place you can post your ”question” is in the Israel section… not the palastinian section…

why is that do you think ?? if israel was only ”so called ” why is there no palastinian section ??

( waits now for the usual bullcrap about jews controlling the media / world/ worshipining satan etc – while completely overlooking the fact that if we DID control the media – surely wed stop ALL criticism of israel , jews etc )

you can deny the existance and legitimacy of Israel all you want – trust me – wont make us go away …

AM ISRAEL CHAI!!!!!!!!!!

Denying Israel doesn’t mean its not there lol.
I’m not sure myself, probably not any time soon. In any event I don’t mind myself, Israel is well prepared.
Bring on the thumbs down baby.

Note to Lady Lulu: I’m not sure if you will read this question, but as you can see, I’ve improved my grammer for you. I no longer represent myself as an Israeli.

The US also give aid to many Eastern countries besides Israel; should we also stop?

I had hope in obama that he would do something to help the middle east until i heard his speech he made in AIPAC then i knew he was just lke the other stupid leaders before him

Here’s a thought –
Non-lethal and accurate weapons cost more than lethal weapons with much more collateral damage.
Which ones would you prefer Israel to use to defend itself?

Israel is real honey and all of your hate will NEVER change that! Ha..jokes on you!!

it’s just never going to stop..instead of paying taxes for schools or health insurance..taxes go to help kill innocent palestinians..the us gov’t is led by zionists so until that ends…the support doesnt end either..

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