Which zodiac sign would make your ideal teacher?

Everyone is different. Some people would rather have a very strict teacher and some would rather have a jolly teacher with a good sense of humor. And I’m not talking about school only but also in sports and martial arts or Yoga. Which zodiac sign would make your ideal teacher?

I think that a sagittarius…

My favorite teacher was a Saggitarius, Hillarius and super Nice, she was Old but she was so cool thank god, the rest of my teachers Boring, Mean, and Anoying!!!

Edit: I had a Piscis teacher, and she was so emotional she cry in class once cuz the students ware been mean and rude and she jst explode in tears…but she was nice, she jst dnt know how to control the class, the class control her!!!



A bit strict, old teachers with grays in their hair. They are the best teachers in my experience and also the only teachers who can control a class because they are strict. Wisdom comes with age too and old teachers especially if they’ve been teachers for a while will have a passion for teaching and so they’re motivated and are the best teachers.
I don’t really care what sign they are as long as they match the above description. I also never asked my favourite teachers what their star sign was so I don’t know. I agree with you though sags are great teachers when it comes to sport.

I’ve had a sagittarius teacher before and he’s sort of hot-tempered and moody. He can be jolly at times and grumpy at next. For me, I think it’s Aquarius because of their great sense of humor. Secondly, Pisces because of their calm and compassionate nature. I’ve had an Aquarius teacher before, and he makes the lessons easy to understand and he’s always jolly, he really made my school year at that time. My Pisces teacher on the other hand, is easygoing and kind. She’s very wise in giving any advice. She rarely scolds us and takes her a long time before she asks us for quiet. So for me, it’s Aquarius and Pisces.

My favorite teacher was a Virgo. He was so detailed and knew so many small, important and relevant details that it really helped me pull it all together in that subject.

I also had a Cancer art teacher who was just fabulous: loving and kind and very maternal. She really could teach, and motivated the kids to really want to learn the techniques and reach beyond themselves.

yeah sagittarius teacher would be extremely fun< but I also think a libra 2. I mean libras are known for being fair and lovable people. I believe each student deserves to be treated fairly.

My favorite teacher’s were a Gemini woman and a Virgo male so.. I guess you can say those two 🙂

My favorite teacher and actually personal hero is a Taurus. He is the man!!

A funny one who can take jokes and understand what’s in our culture today, but still be serious when it comes down to actually learning.

I had a guy like this in my 8th Grade History class.. if I only knew his sign.

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