Whos gonna win the world series?

Tell me who you think is gonna win the world series and why

pitching,hitting,coaching,who has the advantages?

I’m hopin for the Tigers, a guy I work with is a big Cards fan and hes kind of a jerk so I’d like to rub it in his face.

Yankees bc the all stars games are being held there,And every time the Yankees held an all star game in yankee stadium they went to the world series!! Won it in 1939 lost in 1960,won in 1977 will win in 07 and 08!!

The Detroit Tigers.

Cards in 6

I hope the Tigers win.

Unfortunately I think it will be the Card’s, mostly due to their bats.
But I hope the Tigers will come back!

Cards, pitching!!

TIGERS!! b/c that would be sooo sweet.

The Mets………

No wait they’re out…..

Uh…the yankees…..nooooo, there out too.


tigers…why because i said

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