Why are Manhattan Muslims suddenly to blame for the 9/11 attacks?

That seems to be the thinking behind the sudden and selective outrage over the Cordoba community center: this group of Muslims can’t build because some other Muslims they have nothing to do with committed terrorism a few blocks away. The Cordoba site has no view of ground zero because there are several very…

This is a sensitive issues, Radical islam had just blown down the prestigious WTC towers and inflicted the most tragic loss on American soil – the 9/11 attack, and cause thousands of innocent american life, and now would like to build a mosque near the site. If you look at the history of Islam and its conquests, you would see the same pattern in the history that every time Islam defeated a place, a town, a county or a country, then the after effect is they would build mosque/s on the victory ground/s. This is simply to state their victory commemoration, and the start of domination of islam into the place.

Although history is over, but muslims should at least be more sensitive and tolerant towards this sensitivity. To the least their brother muslims have done the mass killing, why do they want to insist further on building a mosque over the grief place ? Even they succeed in building the mosque there, would there be having the peace of mind over any americans who may just blow off the mosque for revenge ? Use logical thinking !

Many Islam countries might have openly said that they condemned the 9/11 attack, but internally and silently they were rejoicing the attack as heroic acts of Jihad heroes, and let some of their citizens celebrate or even mosque prayers for those jihad or to be precise terrorists, on the 9/11.

I’m rather ambivalent on the whole community center thing. Frankly, given our Constitution, I’ve got to give the center the nod. But I’ve noticed something interesting on this forum.

We’re supposed to realize that it was just a band of whackos that flew planes into the towers and welcome this group with open arms.

OK. Fair enough. Perhaps we should all join hands, drink a Coke and shout, “I’d like to teach the world to sing”.

So, when, exactly. do the Christians get a break on the whole Salem witch trials thing? I mean, it was “just a small group of whackos”, right? And 400+ years is a darn sight longer in the past than 2001.

I’ve just found the mindsets a bit interesting.

I don’t think Muslims are being blamed for 9/11 any more than normal. The Muslims are being ignorant of the fact that a group of Muslims did attack the world trade center, and building a Mosque near the place is but a cruel disregard for what their religion has the capacity to do in the mind’s of those who are say, less peaceful than those who want to build the Mosque.

Let’s say John Doe is in a band, and he decides to blow up a building. After-wards the band decides to build a stadium just for themselves right next to where the building was. The other band members aren’t suicide bombers, but obviously wanting to build that stadium is just being ignorant of what the band reminds people of. Of course the site itself is a reminder enough, but with the religion that is part to blame for the attack it doesn’t help people come to peace; and I think it is disrespectful.

I don’t blame all Muslims for the 9/11. I just blame them for being ignorant towards the feelings of Christian Americans. One point of Religion is global take-over, especially with Islam…one niche closer with every Mosque, or any other “holy” temple for meetings and recruitment.

because of peoples ignorance and lack of logic ‘ah muslims bombed us, theyre also muslims, so basically all muslims are terrorists’
irrational reasoning.
since forever, if anything goes wrong, us humans automatically have to find someone to blame instantly without looking at the wider picture, or even looking at themselves
wow, i tend to avoid this issue, people should know what theyre talking about so they’re slightly knowledgable before they form an invalid point or accusation.
i agree with you
and two others have already formed an example of this, yes im Christian, but like they said, do i hate on Muslims, clearly not. makes them wrong already. need i say more

There are already more the 100 mosques in NYC. They have places to pray, and the numbers show that people are willing to accept them, it is THE LOCATION that is the problem.
If the site is not important, then why did the Muslims who want this reject the other site that the state offered to give them, for free?
Do you think it might have been because the other site was not in NY city. It was on some OLD unused farm land.

ironically the main person behind the project did work with the bush administration ( condemning himself the 9/11 attacks ) and is now on tour talking about religious tolerance in the USA .

ignorants like to blame the wrong people .

Their not; I think it’s just the idea that to the victims, which we’re all victims in one way or another, it feels to us as though we’re building a memorial to the very people that committed such a horrific act upon our people, the citizens of this Country. Right or wrong that’s how it feels.

Partly it’s due – I suspect – to bad pr work on behalf of the center; and mostly due to the reality that the far right in America has decided to make Muslims the new communists.

Because Americans can’t tell the difference between mainstream muslims and Al-Qaeda.

Because Fox News and Sarah Palin told them to.

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