Why are the vast majority of Mexicans racist towards blacks?

Now Im not saying all of them but the vast majority of them have a very bad image of the black community. My friend who is black says he doesnt have trouble getting a white girl, a black girl, but he says that the hardest ones to get are Mexican girls, not because the girls dont want to but he has to bypass a…

The funny thing is if you check the history of Mexico you will se that Blacks have been there for centuries and most Mexicans if they tested thier DNA have at least a small percentage of African blood!

The black guy on the stamp is not a black guy, Federico. It is Memin Penguin, and it actually is a chimpanzee. If Americans have Curious George, then why can’t Mexicans have Memin Penguin? They’re both chimps. Anyways, Mexicans don’t have a substantial number of blacks within Mexico so to see black people is unusual. As a result, there isn’t much of a civil rights movement involving black in Mexico, because the black population comprises a very scant portion of the population. In the U.S., your traditional Mexican family has become exposed to the American life and has seen your typical black “brotha” with pants sagging below the hips and walking with the “gangsta” strut so for many mexican families, this is what comes to mind when thinking black. However, what I noticed is that blacks in Latin American countries aren’t as “ghetto” as blacks here. Just my perception. I have nothing against interracial relationships, but I can see where and why the stereotypes come into play.

Bottom line is that people of all races and religion are bias at one another. Even among there same race or reigious beliefs. I’m Chicano “Yo no soy mexicano. Yo no soy gringo. Yo soy chicano. No soy gringo en USA y mexicano en Mexico. Soy chicano en todas partes. No tengo que asimilarme a nada. Tengo mi propia historia.” And the comic book is NOT RACIST! But I’m sick of people (white/africans) acting like Mexican-American war doesn’t effect the present state of Mexicans/Chicanos in this country
When Mexicans/Chicano/Mestizo was a race with a 500-year head start for everyone else

Plus, truth be told, my grandmother’s grandmother was a Mexican fighting against the gringos
So it wasn’t that far back
But I’m sick of us still using it as an excuse! Same thing with Africans using Slavery as an excuse!

Lol why are you always posting questions about politics and race bro. just write NMFR on question if your gonna ask something like this.. There is racism everywhere.. And everyone is racist towards every race here in this country.. There is even hatred between each other as well.. This is the most racist nation in the world.. There are some peoole that arent ignorant towards any race in this country but the majority are ignorant.. Have you ever seem that movie Crash? Good movie and explains the type of society we live in this country.


I’m a Black girl and I’ve never had a problem getting a Mexican guy. I love Mexican guys! The ones in Southern California anyway.

Yes there ARE racists in Mexico like in every country there are ignorants in every culture but it’s a minority, not the majority. They are not treated the way usa did in the 50’s… but a black person in Mexico may be stared just because people are not used to see them nothing more or they might be a target of jokes but not with the intention to hurt their feelings, just because Mexicans likes to jokes about psysical charactestics of everyone, not just blacks.

Discrimination in Mexico is more social than racial, someone Christian Benitez won’t face discrimanation since he’s is rich. A poor white man, yes.

Im 50/50 on this. I respect educated blacks and those in the military. Those show you respect. I hate hood n!gg@s that act hard and all they are about is hustling and pimping hos….same goes with us mexicans…..those educated and those in the military i respect. Those paisas that all they do is smoke weed and live off of cashaid que se vayan a chingar a su madre and any othet race tbh

It comes from experience my friend. All it takes is one interaction with a black person and everyone instantly dislikes them. It’s worldwide.

I HATE it when people can’t tell the difference between Mexicans and Mexican-Americans, We are NOT the same! Don’t call them Mexicans! >:(

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