Why do most girls say they are not attracted to money when they know they are lying????

Ok heres the deal when i was younger i used to drive in a beatdown 1992 toyota camry (yeah dude was broke) 6 yrs later and now im rolling in a 2006 Mercedes-Benz CLS-Class,I work from home I paid off my home and I pretty much have enough money for atleast the next few yrs.Now all these girls are starting talking to…

Take a look at your actions. Do you flaunt your money? If that is your big seller when meeting women, don’t act so surprised that you are attracting gold diggers.

Honestly, I am sure that you are a very nice person and have a lot of qualities that are good but if I just met you and you told me about your car and your house and your bank account right off the bat, I’d probably be turned off by you. But I have a successful career in sales and I’m a financially secure 29 year old woman. I’m looking for a husband, not an ATM machine so my list of qualifying traits go way beyond money. One because I don’t need somebody Else’s income and two because even though he’s rich, doesn’t mean he’ll be a good husband and father.

Back to these women you are dating. Chances are the younger they are, the less financially secure they are because they haven’t had time to build a career and a nest egg. Girls are still brought up being told to “marry a rich man and you won’t have to work hard.” Try dating women who are a bit older and have their own finances in check. And for God’s sake, if you are flaunting your wealth, STOP! Be proud of your car, watch, and whatever else you have because you’ve earned it but put more character traits on your dating resume rather than material possessions.

You sounds like my friend with the same store. I guess girls starts to look you more than before not because of the money you carries, but because of the confidence you developed throughout the years. maybe when you were not so rich, you were not confident enough, and now that you are, the girls started to noticing it. Sometimes things happen not because of the bank acc# you have, but because of your attitude. I can’t say that girls don’t care about money, because I would be lying, but I could say that a man with confidence in himself, even not being rich can attract better thing for their life including woman. Sorry, don’t be mad or rude to any girl just because you think that all they want is your money, because it is not always about money, but what you carry in your heart, such as your happiness, confidence, and compassion.

NOT ALL FEMALES ARE ATTRACTED TO MONEY just most of them i guess and it does bite since it makes us look a lil selfish but some just want security i guess but when you look for a female dont let them know about what you got anyone can have a mercedes and be broke don’t be flashing out that cash dont tell them your home is paid for do a chat line first sometimes you can just talk to someone for a while on the phone and really see if they are money hungry or what there are some females out there that don’t care how much you make just that you make something so that they don’t have to take care of you and maybe you should set your standards higher. I personally don’t care about money you should make money and not let it make you love should be based on who you are and not whats in your wallet and i can honestly say this my husband would tell you that i’d be happy with a kiss for a present or a wonderful smile or ha i told him one day i didn’t want anything or if he got me something it couldnt be anything over 5 bucks and he went to the dollar store and got me 5 little kicknacks that i will cherish forever.
Its the little things that count ya know


it’s the way of the world. Instead of getting upset about it work with it.

you see humans have basic instincts that involve survival, security, lust, etc. For most women they are instinctively attracted to money and power because they are symbols of security and therefore a good mate. You are now successful and that equals a good potential provider. It’s not a bad thing. Womens higher thinking might tell them that money and success are not important but their lower instinct is telling them something different. So possibly there’s an internal conflict or confusion.

Men, on the other hand, are usually after the sexiest women regardless of financial means because we also follow our instincts and our instincts tells us that we will have fit, attractive children and we will provide for them. Even if our higher thinking tells us that looks are not important. We are lying to ourselves. Or maybe we are just conflicted.

But, if you don’t like to attract women who crave security above all else then don’t flaunt your wealth OR alternatively, try to meet women of equal financial means.

I would suggest just becoming comfortable with your status and not resenting women who find that an attractive part of your character.

Women see money as a sign of success and security. More often time men with money are more confident than men without. Women are attracted to confident men. Most women probably don’t even realize that they are attracted to money. Hope this helps. Watch out for those Gold diggers!!!

Not all girls are. I have to say I could care less about money and actually looks aren’t the most important thing in my book. It’s the brains! I know I’m not the only girl that thinks that.
well ok.. maybe I’m one of few, but come on who wants to date a stupid rich pretty boy? I’d much rather date a rocket scientist.

It’s not the done thing to admit to it.

It’s not just lazy girls who want a guy with money. Some of us want to stay at home to raise our kids and require a man who can support us. There’s nothing wrong with that. Settling on a man who couldn’t support his family would be silly, wouldn’t it? Even the most hard-working career woman can’t get to the office while she’s in labour. There are plenty of men who are willing to support their wives while they stay home with the kids. Try posting another question asking why they do that.

If what you say is true, poor guys would never get a date. Obviously they do. Girls don’t really pay attention to money, they don’t sit around examining the guys they know trying to size up their bank accounts. Girls are just girls, if they meet a nice guy, or see one, they may show interest, but they seldom calculate how much they stand to gain from the deal when they do.

Believe it or not when I used to work for my father who owns a chain of manufacture homes factory in Arizona, I had a good life, a fiancee and 20% of dad’s income. Back in 2007, my dad’s business went down and he got bankrupt. My fiancee walked out the day the repo guys took my corvette. I was sad at first but I’m all over her now thinking she was such as tool. These days, I don’t think there is such a thing as pure love, its more about money or trophy. I haven’t gotten married since I’m all over women now… I agree with you totally.

Honeslty… there are some girls who lie when they say that they dont care about money. I personally could give two flying f*cks about how much money my boyfriend has because at the end of the day I want to know that I EARNED what i have and that it didn’t just get given to me. The girls who care about your money are just lazy and greedy… dont go for them… go for the girls who hasn’t seen that you have a nice car and house and things like that because she will be the one that will be with you for love and not for handbags and shoes.

Good Luck

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