Why do pets like cats and dogs love small kids?

These pets love kids very much they kiss them they play with them .even if kids beat them also they wont get angry even kids pinch the pets also they wont get angry at any time . if elders beat the pets some or other time pets gets angry. do you the reason why pets love kids then their elder owner

My father in law has a saying…..If my kids or my dog doesn’t like you….your not welcome in my home!
Animals are extremely sensitive and are very good judges of character, so are children. Children don’t carry all the burdens of an adult,scared by this world we live in…..and the animals can sense that, psychics can too, my three year old daughter is extremely psychic, she is a crystal child, but that’s another story..my point is that she checks everyone out when she meets them, studies them, and seems to look right into them..I believe she is seeing their true nature, much like an animal can…So for these same reasons animals like kids, they sense their inner beauty and innocence….

Is this true? though there are instances of kids and the pets bonding, there indeed are instances where pet bond to adults in a greater degree. I thought pets considered children as a threat to the attention they get from the adults. I know of a family where the pet acts up when the parents carry their child (jealous). Also heard of stories of how pets attacked the children (especially toddlers and sometimes fatally)
So I guess this theory has no scientific validity and may be sporadic examples exist in support and against the theory.

1. Look at the size difference between small kids and adults — if you were a cat or a dog, wouldn’t you feel more at ease with someone you can clearly see at your same eye level than someone you have to turn your head way up high to see? I suppose our pets find the li’l ones less intimidating.

2. Cats and dogs are playful; kids are playful. Like poles attract each other.

3. Pets hate stress. Therefore, they prefer the stress-free kids to their older master.

No scientific basis for my answers….I kinda think they make sense tho.

Not all pets love children and avoid them when they have been mistreated in the past.

Some pets absolutely love their owner and being part of the family. They understand children are children (babies). Sometimes they just like the attention too.

God I love animals! They are so awesome!(Most)

This is due to a phenomenon of mind. Those men or women who enjoy peace can spread it to the surrounding also. When we happen to be in their proximity we too feel calm. Children are innocent and enjoying peace and calm. They can shower the same thing to their surrounding. This is the Almighty`s boon given to them. Try to attain the quality of a child and share peace and love with others. We lost this divine quality in the long run of our artificial life. Is n`t it?? Just think it over.

I would say because both are playful, esp the small kids.

Probably because they’ll (the kids) are not so tall. Plus, kids have more energy.

I know a lot of animals who don’t like children

pets can make out difference between friendly and harmful person.

Because food sticks to kids(lick lick)

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