Why do so many blacks hate whites when the majority of them in the United States have European blood in them?

After working in bad neighborhoods with a majority of blacks in them and researching this topic, I have noticed that their appear to be a lot of blacks who hate whites. I have been called nasty names (cracker, white boy, ect.) and even threatened by blacks. I have read articles that have claimed that over 90% of…

Race is only valid as a social concept. In other words, we can divide ourselves according to culture, nationality, etc… and group these differences together according to “race”. This is a logical concept. I.e., it’s within the nature of logic to refer to different cultures, nationalities, etc… as different races. But, as a scientific classification, it only applies to other species. To suggest otherwise is to be of the opinion that the Homo-sapien species can be divided into sub-species, which it cannot.

There aren’t enough biological differences between the so-called races to consider them separate and readily distinguishable races. (NOTICE that I said, “…aren’t ENOUGH differences.” Only an idiot would claim that there aren’t ANY differences between people. However, as I said, there aren’t ENOUGH differences to determine that there are sub-species of humans. There are genetic differences between Calico and Tabby cats, for example; but that doesn’t change the fact that Calicoes and Tabbies are NOT sub-species of the Felis-catus. Understand my point?)

The idea of biological race (what modern science has now shown as being genetic phenotypes caused by human migration) is ridiculous and was introduced by the master class for the purpose of division- to cause the rest of us to buy into the fallacy of “racial” superiority and inferiority.

Hello! :o) Like many who have answered your question, i disagree with your conclusion that ” a lot” of blacks “hate” whites. You have to understand where u were working at the time, in a low ses neighborhood. It’s only natural that these ppl would “blame” the whites for their problems. Look at their living. Look at what the media teaches them. How many blacks in comparison to whites are portrayed in positive light? Certainly not as many. Blacks tend be portrayed in a negative light, whether in commercials or movies or magazines. Now, if you look at it from their perspective, you might understand them a little better.

Now, i am NOT saying that whites are to be COMPLETELY blamed for black problems, but it would be simply unrealistic and ignorant to say that whites are not responsible for at least some part of their problems.

Also, you have to understand that RACISM STILL EXISTS…it’s not as overt as it previously was, but now it is more covert than ever. So blacks have very good reason to get defensive when it comes to whites.

Also, you made the claim that over 90% of backs in the US have some type of European ancestry…so why do backs hate whites so much? Well, there’s no one pure race, so why do some whites hate blacks when they in fact might be mixed with something? THERE IS NO ONE PURE RACE…period. lol. And if there is European that thinks their race has absolutely no AFRICAN ancestry in them…would be simply foolishness…If you look in your history books…(the right ones) Africa is the birthplace of human kind. 😉

So the only thing i can say to answer the question..is simple ignorance…if we all understood the idea that none of us are “purely” black or white…maybe that could solves some issues.

Now, I’m not quite sure as to what you are asking a the end but u said

“Blacks seem not be capable of citing any personal experiences and thus blame the white man for all their problems and whites are blind to this. Why does this occur?”

The first thought is no so clear to me (maybe you can explain it to me later) but the second part: Why are blind to this fact? Because they are not being discriminated against…how many whites do you know who have been victims of racial profiling, or some sort of discrimination, ESPECIALLY IN THE CORPORATE WORLD?

I hope I shed some light on your curiosities. :o)

Once we begin to understand each other’s perspective, we can live peacefully as one. :o)

I agree with what many have said but user “Nick’ and ‘Walter_B’ explained it in clear terms without mixing adjectives of ‘jealousy’ and such judgmental comments. If people in the USA would realize that what your past-President Because George W Bush did to the Image of your country due to his ineptness to comprehend the world sentiment during his successive two terms those clearly appeared as “reckless, careless, and imperialistic in nature” (borrowing from use Nick here). The arrogance your past president GW Bush displayed is responsible to the whole world’s ‘illness’ starting from escalating terrorism to financial crises. I’m apprehending that in the forthcoming election you Americans would try to pull down whatever Image of the USA has been restored by the Obama administration by voting him out of power just because he is Democrat and from the ‘colored’ community. And when you will again find that under the Republicans the world again started to hate USA for its belligerence then again you have to post similar questions as to “Why the majority of the world hate the Unites States?” I’m from Bangladesh and I can assure you that here the Image of the USA has improved a lot under the present administration and this holds true for the Europeans too, I suppose. Hope above explains.

Dude u have serious issues going on within yourself and not realizing it you are playing the blame game. Its called projection. U are projecting your own inner feelings onto others. Your worst fear maybe that u are full of hate and want to blame others. So u take this small number of people and lump us all together. I have white friends, they know I don’t trust some white people, but not all white people. I integrated schools in the late 50’s. As a first grader up through the third grade I was beat up and called names by older sixth graders. When I grew and reverse this trend in the fourth grade, than I became the bad guy. When in fact I only did what was taught to me by my white counter-parts. However since I had white friends, I felt it wrong to blame all whites for the what some did to me. Check your history, colonies, enslavements, destruction of the Indian race is white folks history. History that folk around the world knows about. They know America has the Klan, Skin Heads and racist white groups that hate others because they are not white. They say it straight out. Hell the rebel flag was just taken down from the state capitol in south Carolina. That rebel flag was worshiped by hate groups, white hate groups. I give u this, that my own folk has not did enough to educate black kids. Hate and blaming others is detrimental and none productive and prayer will not help us out of this.

The same reason some whites hate blacks. It’s because some people keep roiling up the waters, accentuating the negative, and perpetuating the stereotypes. I also worked in the inner city in the predominantly black neighborhoods of Milwaukee for nearly a year, and had no problems at all with the black people. I think you’re going to find whatever it is you’re looking for in life. I went into the black neighborhoods with an attitude of “treat my neighbor with the same respect that I would like to be given”. I found it to be a very enlightening experience, and I had no problems at all. If you go around looking for trouble, or expecting the worst, then you’re going to find it.

Well, many of them hate whites, cause of previous situations that they have had to face such as discrimination. Frankly though, I don’t blame them for hating. Maybe people would understand if they see how many black people are treated. For example: One of my friends friend, used to live in a neighborhood where he was the only black family. At a young age, he was discriminated because of his race. Because of this though, he now has some sort of mental illness. He is very smart but sometimes, because of what he had to face when he was young, he does tend to go crazy. I think though we all reach certain points in our lives, where we have to decide if we want to hold a grudge forever, or forgive and move on. However, not many black people hate whites, its only a few. Besides, its not like every black person lives in the U.S.A so u can’t base ur answer on that. Maybe if u went around the world, u would realize that this research of urs, isn’t exactly the full truth.

I would disagree that the “majority” hate Whites. I think there are some people of all races who are bigots because that’s what they’ve been taught.

Hate and bigotry are learned personality traits.

Anytime you go into impoverished areas (White or Black or any other race) you often see a lot of people with low motivation and apathy who are looking for someone to blame for their situation (other races, the government, etc). I also think these feelings multiply exponentially when felt in large groups, meaning small rural towns or government projects (the so-called mob mentality).

To my friend “Kenneth” who answered below. I loved everything you said except “whites typically judge blacks by race”. Generalizations and stereotypes can be just as bigoted as outright racism. There is no one group of anything that “typically” all does the same thing. You have to judge EVERYONE as an individual, which takes time, which is why bigots don’t; they take the easy way out.


To my friend “Yunie” who answered below. Bigotry is bigotry. Wrong is wrong. The color of the skin doesn’t matter. If someone hates me because of MY actions that’s one thing. If they hate me because of MY color, that’s very different. If I didn’t discriminate against them, they have no issue with me. If they create one because of what’s been done to them by others, they become the racist.

MLK’s statement about being judged by the content of your character flows in ALL directions.

If you weren’t so evil, we would not have been having this problem!

I am willing to point out who is wrong, no matter how much European blood I may have in me! I don’t hate White people: I hate insane stuff some of the do or defend! It’s that simply!

I strongly disagree that the majority of blacks hate whites. And what does having European blood in us have to do with anything. A lot of it is due to slavery and the fact that are ancestors were raped. So I don’t understand why you are including that in your question, that’s a weird comment.

You won’t find a bigger racist than a black. That has been my experience. Doesn’t matter where they are from, they hate whites. Now that obamination is in the black house the great American give away has begun.

Because white people are not giving up the booty enough. Organize a couple of orgies in those areas you work in with plenty of white male and female prostitutes. I guarantee every o will get along better and these black people will not longer dislike whites.

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