Why do “SOME” peoples say Obama not experienced?

Wrong DOG…check this sh*t out…

Foriegn Policy experience: FACT

Obama has eaten at the Internation Hopuse of Pancakes over 100 times and has a frequent users card 1st class.

Military Experience: As a child he played with GI Joe dolls and has successfully captured the living chair on numerous…

You may also want to add that while McCain suffered in a P.O.W. Camp for over 5 years…Obama perfected his military strategy & skills by playing Pac-Man as a teenager–By his own admission, Obama now indicates that he wants to ” impose deeper sanctions ” on our enemies who will only ignore them as they have done before & only laugh at us and Obama even harder.—– Obama appears to have proposed the following additional defense strategies: 1) Obama intends to take our enemies to IHOP to discuss terrorism over coffee….2) Obama intends to politely ask our enemies to promise to behave themselves…..3) Obama intends to threaten to give detentions to any enemies who continue their unruly behavior…..4) Obama intends to grin & piss his pants…..5) Obama intends to hold his breath until our enemies play nicer……6) Obama intends to tell his Mommy on the mean terrorists…..

Giving a few speeches, and voting Present over 100 times, doesn’t qualify you as qualifications for the higest position in the world.


Yes,that’s quite allot of experience.You know your a true Patriot when you can say you played with GI joe action figures.

Most def got my laugh for the day..

I never thought of it that way, I guess he is the wright man for the job.

I find it equally astonishing that some Obama supporters admit his inexperience and site it as an asset.

Be careful, some little fascist Farty O’Bummer supporter might report you.

LOL! I was ready to correct you grammar when I started out.

My name is Frankie. I am the town crier.
I need to tell you that Obama’s a liar.
He’ll outlaw guns, religion, and books.
He’ll give our land to the terrorist crooks.

“All” people should know he is not experienced. We need a true American in office.

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