Why is Israel still building settlements?

If Israel says it wages wars to protect its citizens and not to gain lands, then why are they still building settlements in the relatively ‘calm’ West Bank? Has Israel gone short on land? Is this why it invaded Gaza?

Because they like to steal land as much as their ancestors the habiru liked to steal horses. They need to be sent packing in no uncertain terms. Only today one of these “settlers” shot and killed a 16-year-old Palestinian boy in his own country. This zionist trash understands one thing and one thing only: brute force. Nothing else registers – common decency,normative social values,respect for life – all conspicuous by it’s absence. There is an old theory that humans are descended by aliens from another world; it is crackpot nonsense as currently presented. But as applied to the yahoudi you do have to wonder. Lacking all human qualities and consumed with a burning hatred for all of humanity – the so-called “gentiles” – should we consider the possibility that like so much from the fringes of accepted science there may be at least a grain of truth to that old von Danikan stuff? Whatever. But there must be some explanation why these yahoudi seem so strangely alien to our human culture. They build on the land of others because they have no capacity for moral comprehension. Whether they come from another planet or not,they certainly need one. Preferably in another galaxy.

They do carry people in from all over the world to usurp land from the original people. It’s land grabbing.

Many Israelis have “Stockholm Syndrome” a condition that victims have when they fall in love with and begin to act like their evil captors. It’s a shame what happened in Nazi Germany but it will never excuse the horror that Israel is foisting upon the world’s humanity.

The Israeli propagandists on Yahoo will never be able to convince Americans to believe in their lies.

They are wasting our time.

1) The land is not “Israeli Occupied,” it is Israeli land. There is a difference. 2) Are you allowed to build a house on YOUR land? If so, why shouldn’t the Jews be allowed to? [eta] Someone said, “It is comparable to the U.S. taking over northern parts of Mexico and kicking out the Mexicans as punishment for sneaking drugs over the border.” It is NOT comparable to that at all. Rather, it is comparable to the Americans building homes and shops in southern New Mexico, on the American side of the border, and the Mexican drug cartels shooting and trespassing on American lands and settlements, claiming the American buildings are illegal, because they interfere in the Mexican’s “right to engage in commerce.”

To achieve lasting peace? I think this is how they propose to bring peace. They want to keep stretching the process so that people over time forget what the UN gave to them. Ever heard of any one talking of the 1948 borders? The UN borders. Why does every one keep talking about the 1967 borders? israel was supposed to the 1948 borders not 1967 borders. Rings a bell?

They have dismantled a couple in Hebron.

Do you know why ? …………….cause they are Fucky …..and cause they have got many psychiatric illness since the days of hitler … Do you remember when hitler burnt them ….. ? 🙂 since that time they increase their hatred toward all people in this world … and make abig aim in there fucky life to rule this world from east to west .. and make the jews the best people in the world ………that’s why..

what’s wrong with settlements?

the time is past when the arab world or anyone else can claim any land should be jew-free.

muslims love their ethnic cleansing, they do it all over the world. it’s time somebody finally stands up to their genocidal wishes.

You are incorrect.

Israel has plenty of land.. more than it knows what to do with. Most is not even inhabited.

Even if it was full, they wouldn’t be so foolish as to shoot rockets from it.

“Israel” is not doing any such thing.

Again you are misinformed.

That happens when you’ve never been there.

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