Why is it that when our president does something stupid people say “The Americans” instead of president Bush?

The Americans are the only ones that really blame President Bush for not doing anything. Why do other look at it as if it’s all “The Americans” fault.

He is the President of the US so many feel he represents the majority of opinions and ideas of American citizens. This is why many say “Americans wanted this war or Americans are not green.” It is the same way with other foreign countries. For example, the Brits (not Tony Blair) followed the Americans on invading Iraq.

He “managed” to graduate from Yale because of his father’s power and money. It’s the reason he got into the college in the first place. Noelle Bush, daughter of Florida governor Jeb Bush (and George’s niece), “managed” to graduate from Florida State Univesity despite rarely attending classes, and receiving grades that would have failed most other students. She was in drug rehab for 3/4 of her senior year and still managed a “B” average. Everyone knows you NEVER fail the governor’s kid, I know for a fact at least two professor’s (non-tenured)were threatened with termination when they tried to fail her. Look it up in the Tallahassee Democrat. Aslo, no offense to the business grad’s out there, but an MBA from ANY school isn’t really all that hard to get. I am not saying it is simple, but it certainly doesn’t require a lot of intelligence. Bush has lost so much money in very ill-conceived business ventures, I wonder how anyone could cite his degree as proof of intelligence? I call Bush not only incompetent, but stupid as well. He is stupid because he actually beleive’s his own bullshlt. He really thought the Iraqi’s would welcome the US with open arms. He really does think he is doing “God’s work”, and it never occours to him that maybe he is wrong. When you beleive your own BS, you are stupid.

This is why whenever we choose a President it is so important. The President is our representative to the world. For many people he might be the only American they ever see.

because no one has power unless the people give a person authority. the people of the US have given the president authority and have given him power. we know the terrible things he has done in order to get more control. we know about the things he has done to take away our freedoms, but the sad part it, no one has really done anything to stop him. i mean yeah there are protests and everything, but we was needed was a major protest, a movement. we need more people to get involved. because the people have done really nothing to remove this man froma position he does not deserve, we too are guilty, not as guilty as him, but guilty, and partially responsible.

plus our tax money funds his war, so we are supporting it in that sense even if we may be against it. which is why i think we should nto pay taxes but that gets into a whole nother subject.

I guess because he was elected on “our watch.” That is as voters in the most powerful nation on earth somehow we played a part in that a-h*les plans. Oh well, I’m pretty sure that when he’s gone Europe will forgive us eventually. Maybe the other continents too.

he represents the Americans and people voted for him twice so…if people would have seen what he did since the beginning then they wouldn’t of voted for him once again……but people made a stupid decisions in voting for him again…………Bush does these things because we chose to have him as president you voted and he gets to do what he needs to do and what he thinks is right…….so people shouldn’t be complaining of what others say………..

He represents the country. You vote in who you want to represent you and you have to run the risk of them reflecting badly on you.
Look on the bright side, in britain we’re represented by an old lady with a ridiculously posh voice and we didnt even vote for her.

He was elected by “the Americans” and has our proxy. When he does stupid things, it’s the United States doing stupid things. If it did something smart, we could bask in that too.

Well, actually we are…….he didn’t vote himself into power, dear.

The ones who voted him into power are no more guilty than the ones who didn’t bother voting so he got in office twice. The ones who were stupid enough to be influenced by his fear-mongering lies are no more guilty than those of us who didn’t stand up and say “Enough!!!”.

We are ALL responsible for the state of our country, ergo the woes of this country fall at the feet of all Americans.

Because he represents the “Americans” i use that term loosely

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