Why is it usually the non Jewish conservative Christians who believe in supporting Israel no matter what?

Because it’s their way of accepting that their whole religion acknowledges Jews as God’s chosen people. And so, Israel, the nation of said people must be upheld and restored (in order to fulfill some silly prophecy).

Essentially, what I’m trying to say is, they’re ALMOST as insane as Muslim Extremist Terrorists.

I support Israel not because they are “God’s chosen”, but because they are the only thing standing between the rest of the world and the bloodlust mindset that is Middle East Islam.

I’m well aware that most Israeli Jews are “Jew” in nationality only. Especially in the later generations, their faith means very little to them.

That isn’t the point. They’re the only nation close to stability in that region.

Why do liberals, who must set aside all logic and reason in regards to Islam’s treatment of women and those outside of the faith, support Palestine?

That’s quite easy. Because most American Jews are very liberal. And most American Jews couldn’t care less about Israel or the Jewish religion, or the God Jews and Christians represent.

* They share common interests and a ‘Western culture with us, and thus
represent our only trustworthy ally in the region.
* They provide political, military, and economic, intelligence necessary for us
to deal with an area of Asian culture’ that we otherwise would not understand.

Scripture. Revelations and the Rapture.

And that really offends people like you, who support genocidal terrorists who want to kill every Jew in Israel.. doesn’t it?

Much like the Charge of the Light Brigade:

It is not ours to reason why, only to do or die!

The Zionist propaganda works

God said it, I believe it, that settles it..deal with it

Because we understand history and allies.

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