Would you let your 12-year-old daughter go to a Lady Gaga concert?

I’m 12 and my mom says I have to be 16 before I go because she doesn’t think it’s the right “environment” to introduce me to, but is fine with me watching her concert videos, music videos, etc. on YouTube. I think she might be worried there will be horny teens and drugs and all, but if she…

Your mom is right. Listen to her.
Take no for answer and be mature about it. My 5 year old knows what no means. So should you. It’s not the end of the world if you don’t go.

if an adult or two take a group of you and friends, then sure, but i wouldn’t let you go alone. the crowd there will be mostly aged 16 through 20-somethings and it probably isn’t a very safe place for you to be alone.

it’s not the actual content of the music or videos or anything, but the actual fact that you will be 12 and surrounded by a bunch of adults, older teens, alcohol (which they do sell on site), drugs, and such at about 1 in the morning (the concert may start early, but it won’t end until at least 12). and a drunk teen may decide it’s funny to grab your bag or find some other way just to be a prick because you’re 12 (and yes, everyone can tell you’re 12. no matter how old you think you look). but being 18 now, i know how teens think and honestly, we see you kids doing the stuff we do and are just likke “really?” and every once in a while we just think it’d be hilarious to pick on you. i personally don’t do it because it’d be stupid to mess with you for no reason, but also because there are plenty of others to do it for me and rest assured, they do.

but really, you may as well wait until you’re 16 and you can go with just your friends. it’ll be a lot more fun than having your mom go with you. personally, i might actually die if my mom were to stand in a crowd of teenagers singing love game, but that could be because i’m 18 and you’re 12. idk

Yes, she should. I have been to several Lady Gaga concerts, my first when I was 15. And at all of them i have seen a fairly large amount of children. There is nothing at the concert that you don’t hear or see on TV. No drugs, and aren’t horny teens everywhere?? Now your mom probably has a problem with the language Gaga uses and how she talks about sex openly. You should tell your mom that you don’t have virgin ears and sex isn’t something parents you shy away from their kids. It is important to know about sex at a young age, especially with our generation, and Gaga is very a wondeful advocate of safe sex and teen abstinence. hope this helps 🙂

Well first off I want to congratulate you on having a daughter, I am a mother of 2 boys. But if i happen to have a daughter and she did this. And I was lucky enough to catch them. I would lock her in her room and have the young 19 year old “Child Molester” arrested for trying to have sex with a minor.

I not too sure on that one. If there was other people that u knew then sure why not. But just keep in mind what happened to that poor girl at that Metallica concert. My bff went to her first concert when she was 12 (we’re 13 now) and it was Papa Roach, Avenged Sevenfold, Buckcherry, and Burn Halo but while she was in the mosh pit there was a 14 year old with her.

Yes, because watching from youtube makes it all the better! That’s a 12 year olds perception for ya.

I can see why she wouldn’t want you to go, because Lady GaGa does have some inappropriate songs, but if she was there with you then there shouldn’t be a problem. It would be different if you were wanting to go alone.

I’d let my 12 year old daughter go, only if there was an adult there.

She should go with you. You cant get in without somoene over 16 anyways




I think she should! My sisters and i are going my youngest sister is 7!

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